Sagas unfolded: Each war among the stars


Brian Herman and Brenan Capiccioni, Writers

It’s hard to imagine a world without Star Wars, or even a world when Star Wars turned out differently. Imagine a world without “Luke, I am your father.” or “ I am the Senate”. This franchise has become such an essential part of history, from its humble origins (and low budget) in 1977 to the blockbusters of today, Star Wars represents the dominance a successful film series can establish.. Beyond its iconic status, each saga displays its own charm and shining moments. While none of the films are without their flaws, all contain a unique identity and purpose.

The original Star Wars trilogy has mostly become a collection of films so ingrained in culture that critique of them is unheard of. The phrase “it’s Star Wars” is quite common when discussing why the films are so successful. The first Star Wars film, Episode VI succeeds on several levels, as a single film, an opener to a saga, as well as a Hollywood blockbuster.

For the time, the special effects were quite good, with each lightsaber clash and blaster bolt feeling integrated into the world and real. The characters were likable, and each actor seemed to have a great time on set. The film stands out as an introduction to a new universe, with the lore of Star Wars being fascinating and deep. The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi compound upon this, introducing new plot threads, character ties, and improving upon the sets and special effects. These movies are a blast to watch in multiple ways, and are fun for all ages.

Junior Tyler Samonsky, a huge fan of the original trilogy, has seen them plenty of times. “I first saw them when I was around 6 or 7.”

“They have great plots, fun characters, and intense fight scenes,” Samonsky’s favorite of the three is Return of the Jedi, as he loves the conclusion to the story.

It is no secret that the prequel trilogy receives much derision from the fan community as a whole. The prequels often feature poor dialogue and emphasize choreographed fight scenes rather than mythology and clear themes. While the original Star Wars films are well-received, they get more complex with future watching.

The prequels are decent films at first, but get far worse with analysis. Things like the turn of Anakin Skywalker, Sidious’s plan, and the flaws of the Jedi Council are all interesting and thoughtful, but hard to see on first viewing.  For instance, Obi Wan’s final words to Anakin, saying “You were my brother Anakin! I loved you!” are vital to his character. These words show how even Obi Wan could not avoid the forbidden attachments in the Jedi Code, and he loved his friend. With each element of the prequels showing new depth with each passing watch, these films have slowly but surely gained more respect, even if many still despise them.

One such fan of the prequels, junior Ethan Mullen conveyed: “ I first saw Revenge of the Sith in theaters when I was 5. I then went home and watched the others.”

Mullen loves Revenge of the Sith most. “I love how the prequels add backstory to the Empire and the history of the Galaxy, but some of the acting could have been improved.”

Most recently, new films have arose to continue the story of a galaxy far far away. The Star Wars sequels have succeeded in feeling familiar in areas like structure and tone, but differentiating themselves just enough to stand out. The new characters are compelling, the scenery and set design is gorgeous, and the action is thrilling.

However, just like the originals and prequels, the building upon the existing world is the most engaging part. Creating a new scenario of the First Order’s galactic reign of terror in the shadow of the empire, and Luke Skywalker gone. New planets, new elements of the force, and new characters. The sequels have reinvigorated a love of Star Wars in a fresh, new way.

The Star Wars franchise has had odd release order and timeline. The original films are chronological, then the prequels explain the events before those films, and now the new episodes are after the originals. Movies like Rogue One and the upcoming Han Solo spinoff take place in between other movies, so things can get hard to keep track of.

Michael Petty is a freshman who is a fan of the new films coming out:“I like how they have some sophisticated comedy in them.” Michael saw The Force Awakens a few weeks after it came out, but prefered Rogue One due to its more original story.  

Beyond only the students growing up with and loving Star Wars, many teachers are the same way. Mr. Bill Bingman and Mrs. Trish Stockman saw the original three as well as the prequels and the new saga being made now.

When asked if they could briefly describe their experience with Star Wars, Mr. Bingmann responded with one word: “awesome”.

Mrs. Stockman stated she really likes Star Wars, enjoying the original trilogy as well as the prequels. Present at the original theatrical releases, she  stated her and her friends estimated how old they would be when the next movies would be released.

When it comes to Star Wars, everyone can get in on the legend. With movies coming out over several generations, people of all ages have gathered around this franchise. Star Wars has truly left a mark on popular culture, and it will live on for years and years to come.

You don’t know the power of the Dark Side.


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