Sarah Raegan: Senior Spotlight


Elizabeth Verbeten, Writer

The end of the year is quickly approaching for Oakdale High School, but for seniors, they are done. As they prepare to leave, their teachers and friends look back on the past and ahead for their shining future. Sarah Reagan provides the school with a gloriously bittersweet example of this fact: gloriously bitter because we have to let her go, gloriously sweet because she will now be able to go and live in the way that only the young can – alone, free, and unbreakable.

Over her four years at Oakdale, Sarah has grown into a kind, sweet, caring, and compassionate young woman. She is a friend to everyone on all grade levels, and seems to only want to bring happiness and joy into the school environment.

During these illustrious times, Sarah has been an active member of student life, having been involved in the theatre program for all four years of high school. She was also in the show choir, going so far as to become the section leader this year.

This year Mr. Mike Copen, theatre teacher and director, named her the Student Director for the spring musical. Copen said that he chose Reagan because, “She is a born leader, I knew that all the kids would follow her. Also she’s been in ensemble for three years and I like to have an ensemble member for the job.”

Reagan thought back fondly on her high school years, the fun times she had had, and all the friends that she had made. “I think that I’ve had a good high school experience. I’ve had a lot of opportunities, and I’m really happy with all the friends I made, all the things I’ve done.” she said happily.

Everyone, teachers and peers, will miss Sarah Reagan desperately. But everyone can take solace in the fact that she will surely go on to make the world a better place.