Self Pampering


by Madison Schoonover

It’s Friday night. You’ve had a long week of AP testing and constant studying and working and you’re exhausted. You have a math test next Monday and a paper due next Wednesday, so what do you do next? Study? Work on your paper? Stress about how you did this week? No, no, and no. You relax. Run a bath, put in some bubbles, turn on some of your favorite music, maybe grab a book and just relax. Take care of yourself, because how you treat yourself and your body is the key to a baseline for happiness.

High school is inherently stressful. Being a teenager is inherently stressful. Life is inherently stressful. No one wants to fall apart; emotionally, mentally, or physically. Most of the time, a break really is needed. Mind and body need rest or else they will overwork.

“Taking a day to pamper yourself is important because it’s always good to be the one to do things to make yourself feel good,” Senior Alyssa McBrien shared.

Take time to do something to feel good. Whether that’s taking a bath, having a marathon of rom-coms, or just laying in bed listening to music. It’s important to take a break and regroup. Refresh yourself after a few stressful days to continue to be productive but also, more importantly, continue to be healthy. No assignment, test, or application is worth detrimental stress. Nothing is more important than taking care of one’s self.

Once a person starts becoming happy with herself, she becomes happier with life in general. Having love, care, and respect for one’s mind and body are the baseline for happiness. Nothing can shake that inner bliss and comfortability from within.

“Your body is your home, it’s important to take care of it in any way you can,” agrees Senior Kaitlyn Walsh. “Not just pampering, but simple stuff like getting enough sleep and eating right.”

It’s important to treat the body and mind like a friend.