Serial Killers: Is this podcast dead or alive?


A photo of Greg Polcyn and Vanessa Richardson; the hosts of the podcast Serial Killers.

Peyton Wetherholt, Writer

Serial Killers is a podcast found on Parcast that has been airing since 2017. The podcast is hosted by Greg Polycn and Vanessa Richardson; both of which do extensive research in order to provide listeners with authentic information. The podcast dives deep into the cases of the world’s most notorious serial killers, some notorious and some not. By providing thorough information on many different serial killers, the podcast is able to keep the audience intrigued and wanting more. Throughout most of the series every two episodes there is a new killer Polycn and Richardson explore. 


The most impressive aspect of the podcast is how much depth the hosts go into and for so many different serial killers. The listeners truly get every gory detail of the murders by these complex killers who are not easy to understand. They dig into the minds of killers, actions of killers, victims of killers, and most importantly their journey to anonymity or their road to arrest. 


Dave Wetherholt, a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative who explores true crime in his spare time, explained how Polycn and Richardson make the podcast extremely fascinating and a must listen: “The narrator’s kept it interesting… Also, the details the narrator provides blew me away.” 


Another aspect of the podcast that keeps listeners interested is the fact that the hosts are not professionals. They are simply two people who extensively research the serial killers in each episode, which makes them more relatable to the listeners. In addition, they are able to communicate the information in a less intimidating manner that listeners can better understand. 


Serial Killers is highly recommended by fans of the podcast, as it received a 4.7/5 star rating. It has gotten many positive reviews. Because of the focus on serial killers, people who are interested in true crime stories would greatly enjoy the podcast. 


Brittani Vallina, a mother and real estate agent, can attest that true crime fanatics would greatly appreciate the depth of the podcast and find the information fascinating: “I think people who would like this podcast, are those into true crime stories or students who are looking to study criminology or other related majors in college.” 


When offering podcast, television show, and movie recommendations for interested listeners, Wetherholt divulged, “It was my first experience with a podcast of that nature, so no suggestions there. However, I will definitely be checking out more like it. As for television shows, “48 Hours,” “20/20,” Evil Lives Here,” and “Homicide Hunter.”


All in all the podcast is alive with exceptional information, along with a great way to get through a long drive or relax during the day. Interested listeners can check out the podcast every Monday and Thursday on various platforms, such as: Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher app and most major Podcast Directories.