Sophomore Star: Zach Watkins


Evan Hayek, Editor In-Chief

Sophomore, multi-sport athlete, Zach Watkins is preparing for his most promising season of indoor track.


In the wake of a football season that ended just over a week ago, it will be a quick transition for the young track star.


Watkins, 6’0, 165 lbs, plays a multitude of positions during the football season including quarterback, wide receiver, running back and special teams.


Last season on the varsity track team, Watkins recorded a personal record of 2:08 minutes in the 800 meter. As it stands, that is the 5th fastest time ever recorded in Oakdale’s indoor track history. He’s not satisfied with it however, “I hope to get my time to at least 2:04.”


If he were to achieve it, 2:04 would be third fastest in school history, just five seconds behind the record holder, Evan Kowalk’s 1:59. Watkins would also qualify for the state championship.


Track isn’t just about running. Along with training every day, Watkins prepares meals ahead of time that fuel his body before every meet, “I try to eat a lot more healthy foods, like vegetables, and I make dinners like chicken, rice, and broccoli before meets.”


Much of Watkins success, he says, is accredited to head coach David Lillard of the indoor track team. “I trust [Coach Lillard] a lot in taking care of me and my body and making sure I’m always healthy.”


Lillard, who has coached the indoor track team since Oakdale High School opened in 2010, often looks to Watkins and other young talent such as Kyle Lund and Chuckie Parrot for leadership.


Watkins, Lund, and Parrot refer to themselves as “the future” and can often be found pushing each other during practice and even meets.


”Those boys [Parrot and Lund] are always encouraging me to do better,” said Watkins. “I always talk trash with Kyle at practice and it motivates us to do better.”


The first indoor track meet is on December 9th, so be sure to go out and support Watkins and your other classmates this season.