Space Exploration Coming To You

Leo Quintanilla, Writer

Going into space is not a new advancement, but Space X is making it easier and maybe even fun. With the privately owned company, there is a lot more freedom in how it functions.


On November 15 at 7:27 p.m, The Falcon 9 rocket took off on the first operational trip into Space, for SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft. A much anticipated trip and an opportunity for space exploration for all space enthusiast. 


Ethan Simpson, a junior at Oakdale High School stated, “Space travel could be used to furthermore develop modern medication and life as we know it. We could live in space for all we know. There’s a chance that we are able to travel to different galaxies of plants beyond our reach now.”


Another student, Nathan Gull, a senior, agreed, “ It would be useful for sending up satellites and supplies to the ISS (International space station)”.


With new technology comes new risks; not every trip is promised until more trials are run and studied. Unlike Nasa, Space X is not held back by the government and can work more efficiently with newer advancements. 


The commercialization of these flights will go into the research of microgravity by private organizations and having more cost-effective means of reaching orbit. This could revolutionize certain industries, such as pharmaceuticals and materials science. 


The disadvantages include tech problems, malfunctions, and overall danger of these trips. Gravity barriers have to be broken in order to go into space.  Around 20 people have lost their lives going into space; every trip is a risk. 


Simpson assured, “I wouldn’t buy a ticket because every time a rocket launches it’s a high risk. You don’t know 100% that you’ll survive. I would buy a ticket far far into the future when technology is more advanced and able to ensure my safety 100%”


  While Gull excitedly answered “Of course, in a heartbeat.”


Space exploration is within our reach but there is much more that needs to be done before commercial flights become available to the public.