Spectacular Seniors!

Maxwell Kasten, Writer

By: Maxwell Kasten


Closing in on their time here at Oakdale High, seniors are performing many diverse tasks and projects to prepare for their graduation in a matter of weeks.


Scrambling together college applications, waiting for college visits, planning out their last month of high school, and other such tasks are all matters being tackled by our spectacular seniors.


Sydney Carper, Oakdale High School senior explains her path for the next few months. “I’m headed to Frederick Community College for two years and then hopefully University of Maryland.”


She hopes to maintain straight A’s until the end of her time in high school.  “I did what I came here to do, and I wouldn’t change any of what I did. I’m definitely ready for the future.” She’s doing well throughout the end of her time here, and she’s confident in what the future holds for her.


Lots of pressure has recently come down on the almost-graduates. With graduation coming up shortly, this is the period of time where some seniors try to get in everything they’ve wanted to accomplish in their time in high school; a bucket list almost.


Ms. Lindsey Baker, an Assistant Principal at Oakdale, talks about the current senior class. “They’re very outgoing, motivated, and talented. We have a diverse group of people with different strengths, a very wide variety. It’s rewarding to see them grow up and move on to the next stage of their lives.”


Ms. Baker relates that the seniors this year are very ready for the future. “They’re gearing up to go to college or work, and you can tell near the end of second semester that most students are just ready to move on.”


Caspar elaborated, “My best experiences were having classes with friends in my freshman year.” She did what she came here to do, and she’s ready for whatever rolls her way in weeks.


She states that if she had to give advice to underclassmen through her experiences, she’d advise to ask for help if you need it, try your best, and don’t slack off. It’ll repay you in the end.


High school is one of the most memorable experiences most people treasure from their lives. Everyone is doing something different, and what’s best for them. It’s interesting peering in on how each person prepares themselves for the inevitable.


So, if you see a senior in the hallway or somewhere around the school, be sure to tell them good luck on their endeavours in the next stage of their life!