Sprinting Back to Indoor Track


Riley Frutiger

Oakdale Indoor Track Team ready to compete for a meet!

Peyton Whyte, Editor

It’s time for winter sports and the Oakdale Bears are sprinting back into track season! Oakdale’s indoor track offers events such as field events, relays, and races to compete in. The girls started practice in November to prepare to compete their event against students from other schools in Maryland. 


The field events consist of pole vaulting, shot put, and high jump. Junior Olivia Tehaan, one of the captains on the team, competes in pole vaulting. She stated, “I love testing my limits and seeing how high I can throw myself off of an 11’ pole”. 


The relays include running a 4×200 meter relay, 4×400, and 4×800. The relays are competed with teams of four. 


Indoor track gives the opportunity to sprint certain distances as well. There is a normal 55 meter dash, 55 meters with hurdles, a 300 meter run, 500 meter, 800 meter, 1,600 meter, and 3,200 meter runs. 


This season, sophomore Ashlie Turk has competed in the 4×200 and 4×400 relays, and individual sprinting events., Turk exclaimed, “I plan to gain confidence and run fast!”


Being able to completely prepare for meets is important when competing. Turk stated, “I prepare for meets by hydrating, listening to music on the bus ride, and most importantly working hard at practice.” 


Tehaan added, “I work on speed with the sprinters group and then my pole vault coach works on technical drills with me.”


Coaches are doing everything they can to help the Bears win this season. For example,  they are now offering optional lifting after practices. Teehan commented, “That will really help all runners get their speed up over time and for me, strength to get myself higher”.


It’s important to be able to improve each season and really work hard, and since there weren’t indoor meets last year, a lot of students did not compete. Anxiety is also a huge setback that a lot of competitors have to face. Turk stated, “Pre race anxiety was my biggest struggle last season.”


For their first meet back, they trained hard to meet their goal. Tehaan mentioned, “iI felt good to be back!” 


Season goals are also set for the girls. Turk commented, “My goal this season is to beat my personal records.”


She continued, “to do so, I’ll work hard at practice and make sure to do the little things.”


JV meets are usually on Fridays, while Varsity meets take place on Saturdays. There are 2 meets this week and the varsity meet is the Dwight Scott Invitational. Make sure to come out and support the Bears!