Stocks Go Crazy, StartUp Frederick Sparks Interest



Sophomores Reed Fliegal, Bavan Nadarajah and Sam Starrs discuss putting the final touches on their website.

Jonah Childress

The US stocks dropped harshly after new threats of the coronavirus worldwide on February 24th, 25th, and 27th, then skyrocketed the next week, sparking interest in the business world from Oakdale students.


The coronavirus has struck fear into the hearts of countries around the world, which subsequently sent the world market spiraling downwards. Developments such as Italy’s outbreak, Japan’s outbreak, and the first American to die from the infection had all put massive dents into the stock market.


Dow Jones was down a total of more than 3,000 points, and resembled numbers from the 2008 recession, spurring debate over what the future holds for Americans who have invested deeply into the stock market.


However, on Monday, March 2nd and Wednesday, March 4th, the Dow had the first and second most single day gains in history. Enthusiasm and optimism had once again stimulated the economy, since stocks were now much cheaper than a week before.


This is a historic time in investing because of the rollercoaster of events, which relates to StartUp Frederick. In StartUp Frederick, students participate in shark tank-like situations and get to hone their skills in entrepreneurship.


The program is led by Mrs. Kaelyn Stieg, a teacher at Oakdale High School. She teaches several of the business classes here at Oakdale. Every student is required to pass at least one business related course to graduate from the school, which means many students will be learning from her at least once while they are at Oakdale.


“There aren’t many contests like this for business-minded students to compete in, and Mrs. Stieg is a great advisor,” said Sophomore Sam Starrs when asked why students should be interested in joining StartUp Frederick.


The program gives students the ability to learn skills for making money or providing a service. It is highly recommended by students participating in it.


“We really develop creativity, hard work, and technical skills,” answered Sophomore Bavan Nadarajah, another member of the program, when asked what kinds of things they do. He explained that they “create businesses and learn a sense for entrepreneurship.” 


StartUp Frederick this year has already started. However, if anyone would be interested in joining next year, talk to Mrs. Stieg. StartUp Frederick has big aspirations for the future, and it needs dedicated and passionate members that will help it succeed.