Student Athletes return to play for the first normal athletic season since 2019.


Nicholas Moyer

Nic Moyer, Shiv Anderson, and Reed Fleagle return to cross country practice.

Nicholas Moyer, Editor

A major part of a high school environment is the athletic spirit. With new restrictions and coronavirus concerns, the future of this year’s athletics seems up in the air. 


Normalcy is the goal for athletes and coaches going into the new season. Seniors are hopeful to have a normal athletic season, after the chaos of the past year. 


Mrs.Courtney Ray, OHS teacher and cheer coach, is “excited” for this upcoming season. She believes it’s “fantastic” that students are back in school and returning to a normal athletic schedule. 


However Ray did mention that the coronavirus still exists, explaining guidelines the team has to follow: “To prevent the virus, teammates must wear masks while not being active. But they don’t have to wear a mask while practicing, however they can if they would like. It’s up to their comfortability. After practice we spray and clean the mats. If there’s an exposure I report it to the athletic director, and he decides from there if anyone needs to be in quarantine, if you’re vaccinated you don’t need to quarantine as long as you have no symptoms.” 


Despite the restrictions, athletes and coaches are hyped up to begin participating once again. 


Head girls soccer coach Annie Marshall rejoiced, “The girls are beyond excited to go back, so practice has been a lot of fun. Every day we come out the girls are eager to get after it and leave it all out on the field.”


Marshall also expressed her excitement, “I’m thrilled to have girls back on the field. While we aren’t entirely back to normal and there are still things missing from or adjusted for our season, seeing the girls get back to a competitive environment where they get to do what they love brings me so much joy.” 


Dylan Miller, OHS Senior, has been an active member of the OHS Soccer team since his freshman year as the team’s goalie. Miller is “hyped” to be returning for his senior year to have as much fun as possible with his teammates one last season.  “Practices have been really fun, It’s great getting to see everyone again. The new coaches have also been great and very excited for us to begin playing.”


Miller also discussed the adjustment to this year’s athletics, “All of the players and coaches are working hard to follow the covid guidelines. We all keep safety a priority.”


Participants and spectators alike are ready to return to the fields and courts. With the future of our seasons up in the air, the best we can do is get vaccinated, wear masks, follow guidelines, and hope for the best.