Students from Across the County Gather to Attend Dramapalooza


Kerala Bannister

Chloe Hostetter shows off the special effects makeup she learned to do at the event.

Kerala Bannister, Editor

On Friday, October 18th, students from high schools across the county gathered together at Frederick Community College to participate in Dramapalooza. Students had the chance to talk to theater professionals, to learn from the experts, and to attend workshops in every aspect of theater from puppetry to improvisation.


Among these students was Chloe Hostetter, a sophomore at Oakdale High School who attended the event this year for the second year in a row. When asked what she learned from the experience, Hostetter replied, “I learned a lot of different, useful makeup techniques.” She went on to talk about other things she learned involving improvisation, stage combat, and using body language to show emotions.


For Hostetter, though, the best part of the experience was meeting new people. “I enjoyed the overall experience of getting to know other theater people from other schools, but it was also an amazing way to learn from people who work in the industry.” After all, many experts taught workshops, especially those who work for the Maryland Ensemble Theater.


Many students enjoyed the experience and want to go back next year, including Hostetter who also recommends the experience to “any student who likes drama and wants to learn about it.” 


Another sophomore, Julia Schillaci, also had fun at the event. When asked about why she decided to go this year she explained, “I want to go into technical theatre, looking mainly at costume designing, and I wanted to do some workshops to see what it is like.”


Schillaci agreed with Hostetter’s statement that meeting new people was an amazing part of the experience. “I enjoyed all of it,” she said, “from the workshops to meeting of theater kids.”


Schillaci also made it clear that she recommends other students try it as well. “If you are into theatre or you like theatre tech, or maybe you just want to learn makeup and gore, I would definitely recommend. If you are scared to do anything theatre but you want to try, definitely go. There is no judgement.”


Schillaci is entirely correct when she says that Dramapalooza is a judgement free zone. The workshops are about learning and having fun. Students walked around the building wearing fake blood and the occasional trash bag.


In the words of Karli Cole, the woman running the movement workshop, “If people are judging you, they aren’t doing it right.”