Students get pumped up for Homecoming with an Ecstatic Pep Rally


Allison Wehinger

Oakdale’s Poms group performs for the student body at the pep rally.

Allison Wehinger and Bailee Neyman

On October 14th, 2022, Oakdale students got pumped up for the 2022-2023 school year homecoming with a pep rally in the afternoon of the school day; the rally lasted for about an hour in the Oakdale gym.


The pep rally included multiple games with teams from each grade level as they competed to win. The rally started with a human pyramid game, where six students from each grade were tasked with making a pyramid. Throughout the rally, students were also able to participate in other games such as a bucket ball game, a tumble off, dance off, and game of tug war were also included in the selection of games. 


While Seniors may have won a majority of the games, the other classes also got their time to shine; this included the freshman class being recognized as the grade with the most spirit throughout the week. 


Several different groups performed at the rally, including the Singing Club who sang the National Anthem,  JV and Varsity cheerleaders who each performed an energetic routine, and Poms who performed a dance as well. The rally closed off with a baton performance from Sophomore Kaelin Estepp.


Oakdale teacher, Jessica Miller explains, the rally provided, “energy and excitement in one place about being a Bear.” 


Students were able to feel energized and proud within their school. Helping to energize the students were the rally’s student hosts: Seniors, Indya Brown and Cole Walker, who kept students engaged. 


Before the rally started, the drumline performed in the main hallway announcing the beginning of the rally. The winds and brass members of the band played music between different events, bringing in even more energy to the vibrant event. 


The rally’s inclusion of both athletic groups and band, conveyed Oakdale’s vast community. Oakdale band director Summer Burton expands on this: ”Us being invited to perform at the pep rally is just creating a community where every aspect of our community is shown.” 


The rally’s diversity was also seen in its attendance, with the entire student body present unlike previous events. While students are required to attend, Miller viewed the experience as an occasion that people should want to attend, “because it is one of the few occasions where all students are together and it’s really fun!” 


Throughout the entire time, the student body was rowdy and ecstatic with plenty cheering and chants. The students got competitive and kept the rally alive. 


Oakdale’s student body was able to generate excitement for homecoming with this year’s pep rally, through plenty of games and performances. Overall it was an enjoyable event for the students.