Swaggin’ Spotlight: Prophet


Prophet - Anna Jones

By: Anna Jones

It’s about time Oakdale High School shines a light on one of its many talented students: Junior Ethan Clark, or more typically known as “Prophet.” Clark is not only a self-proclaimed rapper, but he’s also a proud member of the Mock Trial team. Now, typically when you hear things about “Oakdale rappers” floating around the school hallways you just laugh and assume that they’re all joking. However, Prophet is completely serious.

“I started rapping when I was 12 years old. I originally did it for acceptance, but no one accepted me, so now I’m doing it to get money,” said Prophet when asked about his rap career.

The reputation of a rapper can sometimes be negative, but Clark doesn’t fit most of the stereotypes associated with that genre of music. He says that he doesn’t do drugs because they “mess with your head and keep you from thinking right.”

Clark also discussed his role on the Mock Trial Team.“Alright, so I’m a witness. Basically, you get like, a pretend case and you act it out. As a witness I answer questions that other mock trial members ask me,” explained Clark.

Sounds simple enough, but props to him for being able to balance Mock Trial, school and still have time to record his album Products of Society, which is set to release on May 15th, 2015. If anyone was wondering what a day in the life of Prophet consists of, here’s what he shared: “Well, yesterday I went home, I rapped, and then I went to the store. After that, I got Subway and then I did a bunch of homework and went to sleep.”

Ethan Clark is just your average teenager, who happens to have a talent in crime solving… and an alter ego that can lay down some mean rhymes.