Tank You For Being Here


Here at the Great Frederick Fair there is much do and see, with plenty of different animals and food vendors, rides, and individual experiences every time someone new walks through the gate. There’s always something new happening everyday, like auctions, concerts, and new animals being born. There is never a way to be bored at the fair.

One certain attraction at the fair today, Wednesday, September 20,  is Light Armour Vehicle Number Twenty Five, which means that it is a 25 mile push mastered chain gun reconnaissance vehicle, this is easily confused for a tank in many ways.

Staff Sergeant (SS) Moseley who is a crew man for the vehicle, which is in Bravo company fourth light armored reconnaissance battalion stated, “The kids seem to really enjoy being able to climb on the vehicle.”

Moseley added while on the tank,  “This is a good way to show the public more of what the marines go through. It is usually used for recon and reserve training.”

SSgt Moseley was not the only person helping out; he was joined by two others. Ssgt Groves and Gunnery Sergeant (GySt) Montgomery.They were helping children get in and out of the lightly armored vehicle and going inside and out, so they could experience a part of what it was like. Most of the time these soldiers live in the vehicle twenty-four, seven, and this was a way for those kids to see what it might and could be like.

The vehicle rolled in around around 9:30 Wednesday morning and is leaving at 2:00. The group was here visiting the fair because the organizer asked if they could come support the local vendors. They brought in money and things for vendors, and they let children experience an unreal time by being able to climb and walk on the lightly-armored vehicle.

While none of them are from around here we are glad they came to support our local Great Frederick Fair, and that the armor vehicle was here to show to the public and have a good time including adults and children.
When you’re visiting the fair make sure you stop by and say hi! You may even get to climb on top of this amazing sight.