Taylor Swift Album Review – Madelyn Wilson


Reputation Album Cover

Madelyn Wilson, writer

Taylor Swift is the only thing anybody is talking about in the music industry these days. After her long disappearance, she has returned and is stronger and more popular than ever.


Since November of 2016, Taylor has remained on the down low, avoiding the paparazzi and the public eye in general. This occurred because of backlash she was receiving from the media, and her new relationship with British actor and model, Joe Alwyn, which she wanted to keep away from the media. Now she has returned with a brand new album that covers topics of the media and her relationship with Joe.


The record consists of fifteen songs, which is different from her usual thirteen song albums. The album begins with faster and louder songs and becomes slower and happier as the album progresses. This album also differs much in style compared to older ones. It is more edgy, which is a huge shift from her more light-hearted albums.


Sophomore Sarah Lamarre added, “I think it’s a good look for her!”


Lamarre explained, “I don’t really like when her songs have a rap vibe. I don’t really think Taylor should rap.” A few examples of this from her album are ‘End Game’ (which features Future and Ed Sheeran) and ‘Look What You Made Me Do’.


While many of these songs are considered edgy, some of them like ‘Call It What You Want’ are closer to her old style from the 1989 era.


Lamarre commented, “Call It What is Want is definitely my favorite song! It’s so good!”


This new era for Taylor Swift is split very much between people who love it and people who absolutely hate it. No matter your opinion, everyone can agree that this album is huge and will make an impact in music this year and next year.