Teachers are Athletes Too


Teachers played at all different levels of schools

Evan Hayek, Editor In-Chief

Most of us know that Oakdale High School athletics are among the best of the best; more than twenty Division I athletes have been produced over the course of Oakdale’s short eight year history.


What some people don’t know is that many of the talented staff members at Oakdale were once athletes themselves. Many of them played sports in high school and beyond, spreading their wisdom of their sport to the students of the school.


Ms. Judy McGraw, standout volleyball, basketball and track athlete at FCC, teaches Fitness for Life, instructing hundreds of kids in the sports she played and more.


“When I took fitness for life, Ms. McGraw taught me a lot, especially about volleyball,” explains Emma McGaha, a former student of McGraw.


However, influence on an athlete isn’t just limited to physical education teachers..


Mr. Sam Mills, head coach of the baseball team, who doubles as a math teacher, played all the way through college at Division I Towson as a pitcher.


“Mr. Mills is a great coach and it’s really cool he played Division I baseball,” expressed Liam McFadden, a member of the baseball team.


Perhaps one of the most notable student athletes turned teacher is Ms. Jennifer Cole. In college at St. Mary’s of Maryland, she played volleyball and basketball. Over her career she was the leading shot blocker and won the academic athlete of the year award during her junior season.


Though she’s not a coach, Ms. Cole teaches students about the games she played and uses the things she learned while playing to teach her students lessons about life. Ms. Cole’s son, Ben Cole, adopted his mother’s morals that she learned through the sports she played.


“[My mom] has taught me to be a great sport and maintain integrity even in a loss,” explained Cole.


Being a student athlete is a great way to stay active and meet new people. It’s the life lessons learned from these experiences that athletes seem to forget until they’re utilized later in life, whether it be to help others or themselves.