Team Building or Toxic? The Truth About Journalism at Oakdale High


Alexia Isacco

Journalism students get ready to merge for more Team Building Tuesday activities.

Peyton Whyte, Editor

Team building Tuesday is a new activity each week for students in Journalism to take a break from work and have a fun time with their classmates. This allows the students to relax and get to know each other better.


Much like the famous reality TV show, Survivor, these Tuesdays consist of a new challenge each week that tests the abilities of students participating. There has been a series of games so far including Family Feud, trashketball, musical chairs, and more.


Journalism student Nic Moyer, senior and editor-in-chief, shared his opinion on the games: “All of them have been pretty fun”.


Classmate Senam Dzodzomenyo, a junior and editor, added, “I’d have to say the trashketball game that I participated in was my favorite because it was so intense and everyone’s energy was just at a really high level.”


The students can also participate in elimination challenges if they are at the risk of being voted out. As the weeks have passed, a few students have been voted out. 


“When I got voted out at first I was fine with it, I was a little sad because I wasn’t able to stay in and do the challenges,” senior Seth Horan claimed.


Horan went on to add, “I was okay because people seemed upset that I was voted out and that was enough to make me feel alright with it”.


The class is very supportive when it comes to the challenges, and sincere when it comes to the elimination rounds. Junior Grey Bavender is a student participating in the challenges, they mentioned, “My team makes me feel included by cheering me on whenever I’m participating in the games and makes me feel better about myself”.


Moyer voiced, “I think when someones eliminated we all feel genuinely sad or bad because we like everyone here, so we’re really learning more about each other in a competitive, fun way”

“I really enjoy every team building tuesday because it reminds me of a summer olympics as a kid or a fun minute to win it game, they’re all really fun” ”

Being able to take a break during the week is extremely beneficial to students. Bavender stated “I really think it’s something fun to do, considering that we have been through a lot with COVID, and coming back from virtual school.”


They added, “It gives us something fun to look forward to and just keeps us motivated to actually work and have fun”.


As well as this allowing students to have a relaxing break, it also lets them show their competitive side. Moyer disclosed:  “The Screaming Gophers are in the lead, so we really just gotta pull over a Screaming Gopher and get them on the Rigor side and we’ll have the numbers and be fine, so then I have a shot at winning.”