Thank You Teachers


Lisa Smith

Oakdale teachers show school spirit while social distancing and wearing masks!

Julia Doolittle, Writer

With the COVID-19 pandemic heavily impacting our day to day lives, especially our education systems, the Board of Education was forced to find a new routine for schools. 


This difficult time caused teachers to come up with creative strategies to teach in an online setting. The daily schedule changed from having five blocks a day to only two, depending on the day changes what classes students went to. 


This meant teacher’s class time was cut nearly in half and although most students prefer in-person learning, they agreed that teachers have  found useful ways to keep their students on track this year. 


For example, Owen McFarland, a senior this year, explained, “Mr. Copen uses peardeck to keep us engaged and make sure we are participating”. 


By using these websites, teachers “did well during Google meets calls which keeps students attention and [keeps them] working,” says freshman Owen Doolittle. 


From a parent’s perspective, Melanie Doolittle believes teachers have found effective ways to engage kids too. She thought it was helpful that “the band teacher sent home instruments to allow practice”. 


She also found that online learning was an easier change for her two seniors than her 9th grader. She believes this is because “this is his first year at high school” and he isn’t used to the increased work ethic like upperclassmen are. 


Majority of teachers understand that the change is harder for freshmen, therefore they have been more patient and flexible with their work assignments. For Owen Doolittle, his teachers

aren’t strict with his due dates and allow him to turn them in later if he’s falling behind, which he is grateful for.


Although most students are engaged during class time, their motivation to complete assignments on their own time and fully understanding the content has been the main issue. Teachers have given students the opportunity to attend after class office hours or tutoring during SET if they have any questions or need help with assignments.


Recently small in person groups, such as Mrs. Isacco’s journalism class, have been allowed to meet at Oakdale which also helps students stay motivated. Students like Owen McFarland “like having the interactions with the teachers and other students” face-to-face because they believe it helps their learning. 


Even though students “think all the teachers have done a very good job with what they were given”, the use of the upcoming vaccine and the promise that “all students follow all the mandatory [CDC and school] rules to protect themselves and others” a hybrid schedule is possible for the future