The Baking Beginning

Kadin Wetherholt, Editor

This was the first cake I have ever baked. With all good hobbies, you have to start somewhere. This cake consisted of 2 8-inch round red velvet flavored cakes. After decorating the cake, it was very disappointing to see how ugly it looked. At first, I wanted to give up, but this failure helped encourage me to do better. (Kadin Wetherholt)
When my best friend’s birthday was approaching, I knew I had to put my talents to work. I just got new equipment and wanted to bake her a special cake for her birthday. Since her favorite sweet is chocolate, I decided to go with a basic chocolate cake.
Dadly Changeux went on and explained,” I wouldn’t say it was a specialized cake, but my best friend did make me a cake. It wasn’t extravagant, but I love it.”
(Kadin Wetherholt)
This cake started it all. When I completed the cake, I was delighted that I had come this far. I took this Neapolitan cake to social media and landed my first customer. I was not expecting to bake cakes for people because I was focusing on building a portfolio.
(Kadin Wetherholt)
My first customer was a friend of my mother, who happens to live in our neighborhood. She wanted a similar cake to before- A strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla cake- for her husband’s upcoming birthday.
Kristen Rowe says joyfully, “The cake was outstanding, please tell Kadin Thank you!! We will be calling again.”
(Kadin Wetherholt)
I typically like to stick with cakes, but I decided to try a new pastry. When I saw these flamingos at my local market, I knew I had to buy them. These cupcakes helped me practice and improve my piping skills. (Kadin Wetherholt)
This old fashioned carrot cake helped me get very creative. I had such a blast making this cake, by far the least stressful cake. I felt that I finally understood the basic technique behind baking.
Changeux expresses, “I think baking can be both easy and challenging. If you bake cookies, brownies, a one-layer cake, or other sweets, it’s easy. But if you make a three layers cake with a design, it can be challenging. I feel like there are a lot of steps that go into baking; you have to use the right amount of ingredients and the proper measurement in order for your cake to come out perfect; one simple mistake can mess it all up.”
Shakara Massenburg, a food industry worker, continues, “Baking is definitely a skill to master.”
(Kadin Wetherholt)
This delicious Reese’s peanut butter flavor cake was for one of my mother’s best friends, Donna Johnson. Johnson’s children approached me and wanted to get her mother a cake, but they didn’t want to go to a bakery. With short notice, I was able to bake a cake to help celebrate her 50th birthday.
(Kadin Wetherholt)
One day I couldn’t decide whether to eat cake or cereal, so a fruity Pebble themed cake seemed like the best of both worlds. Family and friends enjoyed the cake. (Kadin Wetherholt)
I have not made a cake in such a long time, between work and school I haven’t had much free time. With the holidays creeping up, I knew I wanted to make a special peppermint themed cake. So I decided to go with a peppermint bark cake. The whole process of the cake was almost natural. I noticed that I spend way less time in the kitchen compared to other projects. (Kadin Wetherholt)
Another neighborhood friend wanted a cake for her husband’s birthday. This cake was a little more challenging and very stressful. It took a lot of time but was definitely worth it.
Christina Kokkinakos, “Kadin made me a fantastic cake for my husband’s birthday; I ended up giving him a total of 90 dollars. He had to put in some much hard work, and the ingredients cost a fortune. When it was time to eat the cake, Everybody went crazy over it. It was so delicious.
(Kadin Wetherholt)