The Bears go to Homecoming


Madelyn Wilson, Writer

One of the largest, most anticipated events held at Oakdale is the annual homecoming dance. This exciting event is extremely uplifting for the students and many of them spend weeks preparing for the dance.

So much time is put into preparing for this event by both the students and the school because everyone is excited to have an activity to dress up for. Junior Brynah Hollingshead enjoyed dancing and taking pictures with friends at the photobooth.

Many students enjoyed having an activity where they could simply spend time with fellow classmates. Junior Alexander Repass commented, “Hanging out with my friends was really great.”

There were practically no complaints and everybody showered the dance with positive comments and fun stories.

Everybody enjoys the dance, but many students may forget that a lot of work is done behind the scenes to prepare for this event. The Student Government Association (SGA) is in charge of the preparations for homecoming.

The teachers in charge of SGA and homecoming planning are Elizabeth Mulcahy and Jessica Miller. Ms. Miller mentioned, “It takes about 10-15 hours to set up everything in the cafeteria and main hallway for the dance.”

SGA members took time out of their days to help set up with the teachers after school that Friday and Saturday morning before homecoming, which gives them volunteer hours for SGA.

The theme chosen for this year was Luau. It was voted on last year and the decorations were chosen to match it. When asked about her opinion on the decorations, Hollingshead commented, “The decorations this year were so much better this year than last year.”

Overall, this year’s homecoming dance was a complete success. From the photo booths to the decorations, everyone had a wonderful time. Be sure to thank anyone who helped make this dance so successful if you see them in the halls.

Photo Caption: Oakdale students pose for photos before the dance.