The Benevolent Bischard


Ellisa Dallimore & Max Casten

If you are searching for a path to graduate, changing a tire that will make you late, or break your ankle and having to adjust a testing date, who are you going to call? Why, Mr. Jessyn Bishard of course! As an adaptable educator, Mr. Bishard has to be ready to respond to any potential disasters that occur. After fifteen years as a history teacher bound by curriculum and testing schedules, Mr. Bishard was ready for the constant action that comes with being an intervention specialist when the opportunity at Oakdale arose.

Growing up in a small town of Pennsylvania, Mr. Bishard continued the family tradition of working in a Harley Davidson factory and playing baseball, basketball, and soccer throughout the summer. College opened the door to pursue his enthusiasm for history and to later travel to the places that had inspired him, including Mexico, Jamaica, and parts of Europe.

However the atmosphere of school was one in which Mr. Bishard could not part with, and in this career path he hopes to create the safe environment that was provided for him. His demeanor creates an approachable attitude, and he is undoubtedly suited for the role as a counselor, as numerous students have attested to. Certainly, he has achieved that goal thus far in the past years as an athletic director at Tuscarora and perhaps in the future as an assistant principal.

Often noted for his stellar advice and laid back attitude, Senior Fazon Uddin summarized the view of many students when he commented that Mr. Bishard is “a chill guy”.

Although Mr. Bishard does not possess many regrets, he expressed that he wishes he had taken more advantage of the opportunities offered in college, whether it be an additional lecture, study abroad program, or a even a concert.

Similarly, he emphasized the importance of following one’s passion and advised seniors that although it is essential to develop new friendships in college, one must not neglect those that they made in high school.

As Ms. Tara Ketteringham, fellow guidance counselor, described, “He has good energy and is natural with the kids…We are happy to have him!” Be sure to welcome Mr. Bishard and wish his son, Owen, a happy two-month birthday!