The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two Review


The Christmas Chronicles 2 shows off the home of Mr. and Mrs. Claus, the North Pole. The entire “Town” is actually a workshop for them and their elves.

Carly Amoriell, Writer

The 2018 Netflix original, The Christmas Chronicles, released a sequel towards the franchise. The second part of TCC was released on November 18. It follows Kate Pierce and her mother’s new boyfriend’s son, Jack Booker, on their journey with Mr. and Mrs. Claus. They are against the exiled elf antagonist Belsnickel fighting over the Christmas star in order to save Christmas. 


The movie takes place two years after the events of the first movie. It starts off with a mysterious character who claims to despise all people after feeling betrayed by Mr. and Mrs. Claus.


Kate Pierce was in a similar situation. She was on a beach trip for her Christmas vacation organized by Bob Booker-Kate’s mother’s boyfriend-whom Kate was not fond of due to the death of her father. She felt as though her mom didn’t care to pay any attention to her, and held a grudge against both her and Bob; she wished to leave hoping Santa Claus would hear her.


The mysterious man was later revealed to be the exiled elf of Santa known as Belsnickel who broke the elf code and turned into what he hated most, a human. He attempted to take the Christmas star; in the process, he destroyed it. Santa, Kate, Jack, and Mrs. Claus went on a journey to get a new Christmas star from the forest elves and fight Belsnickel who is determined to steal the star and create his own “Christmas.”


The Christmas Chronicles 2 had a lot of story features that the first movie did not. Santa’s world was explored more in depth. His backstory of becoming Santa Claus was learned as well as the explanation of different types of elves and their connection to Santa and Christmas.


The movie having an antagonist was a difference between the first and second movie. The first film’s plot surrounded saving Christmas, since Santa’s sleigh and presents were destroyed and missing. They went through a real world city trying to figure out a solution. 


Kai Gurewicz, a Sophomore at Cherokee High School, noticed the theme of teenage rebellion within The Christmas Chronicles 2. This comes from Kate and Belsnickel resenting the people who care for them.


Gurewicz spoke about Belsnickel as the antagonists: “All of his antagonism basically came from stubbornness and embarrassment not actual hate”. 


Belsnickel claimed to hate people and despise the North Pole, but there were moments that brought out the good in him. For example, when Belsnickel released Jola the yule cat his plan was to scare away the reindeer. Although, when he was informormed of Dasher’s injury, he showed sympathy towards it. He didn’t want that and it showed. It was the first sign that he cared and just had resentment.


The ending of the movie captured Belsnickel realizing how he really felt and that Santa and Mrs. Claus always believed in him. His elf code was re-enforced and he turned back into an elf to return to the North Pole. It also made Kate realize her wrong doings and to accept that her mom, and even Bob, cared for her. 


Gurewicz continued, “[it] seemed like the only way to properly close the movie off”. He went on to say that although predictable, the stubbornness from Belsnickel and Kate was what started all of the events and without that being solved the story wouldn’t really have an ending.


To many viewers, though, the ending seemed arbitrary; almost rushed. “[I wish the movie] developed his character a bit better throughout,” commented Faith Swire, Sophomore at Oakdale.

The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two is a cheesy family movie meant to be light hearted with small lessons underneath. It didn’t keep people on edge as much as the first movie, although it does have many contributing factors that the first movie didn’t. Overall, it is enjoyable for anyone looking for something heartfelt and warming to watch this holiday season.