The film PARASITE makes Oscar history

Ellie Smith, Editor

On February 9th, 2020, the 92nd Oscars were held in Hollywood. The network streamed live on ABC and televised to more than 225 countries around the world. PARASITE was the film that took home four awards that night; Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Foreign Language Film, and Best Picture.


Writer, director and producer Bong Joon Ho graciously accepted these awards and proceeded to give his speech in Korean. The speech was then translated in English, for the majority of the audience to comprehend.


PARASITE is the first film from South Korea to be nominated for International Feature Film. It was also the first foreign language film to win Best Picture.


The movie PARASITE is a symbiotic class study about the rich and the poor, and how that relationship blurs the lines between greed and necessity. The film tackles very real topics that ring true to the world today. 


Connor McFarland, a Junior in Oakdale, describes the film as best he can.“I thought that it was very well executed.. I definitely liked the cinematography as well as the set design. It clearly showed the gap in classes.”


McFarland goes on to make connections with the film to real life: “I feel like there’s definitely a lot of corruption in different places of society that maybe are easily covered up by rich people, and that money basically gives people advantages.


Another Junior at Oakdale, Megan Donovan, explains how the class systems differ and how they view each other: “The poor people in the movie were very polite, and even though they were doing some not-so-good things, it was a necessity.. And the rich people already and everything they needed, so just like the things that they either complained about or raved about, they didn’t have any genuine meaning. And you can see that in this one scene, where it rains and it destroys the poor people’s house and it’s a life-changing event, but for the rich people it’s just something that made the grass greener.”


Many people disagreed with PARASITE’s win. Donald Trump shares his opinion. “What the hell was that all about? We’ve got enough problems with South Korea with trade, on top of it they give them the best movie of the year?”


PARASITE can still be seen in theaters. Many people describe this as a film that “must be seen by everyone.” Get your tickets today and share in the experience!