The Good Place: Could it be the best season yet? Spoiler alert !!

The cast of The Good Place in a promotional for season 3, from NBC

The cast of The Good Place in a promotional for season 3, from NBC

Launched by NBC, The Good Place first aired in September of 2016. Initially, the show was a smash hit, earning a substantial following and two additional seasons. The show just returned for the third season on September 27. The show’s creator, responsible for other popular comedies like The Office, certainly has a lot in store for this season. As of yet, this new season has earned subpar critical reviews, leaving fans wondering, is a season four a possibility?


In the show, Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) finds herself in the afterlife, but she soon realizes she’s been mistakenly put into the wrong sector. On Earth, her pessimistic demeanor clearly placed her in Hell, yet here she is in ‘The Good Place.’ Despite being pleasantly surprised by her luck at first, the guilt of not belonging catches up to her. With the help of her designated soulmate, Chidi (William Jackson-Harper) and friends Tahani (Jameela Jamila) and Jianyu (Manny Jacinto), she plans a way to ensure her deserved stay. However, they soon realize that everything is not what it seems, eventually leading them back to Earth which is the setting for the new season.


Bella Johnson, a sophomore at Oakdale,  expressed, “It’s a really interesting, unique and weird show, but oddly fantastic.”


Compared to prior seasons, fans have mixed feelings on the setting. Junior Joy Campbell, claims, “I preferred the seasons where they weren’t in the Earth because in the afterlife the screenwriters could make up realities and the laws of their powers rather than now when they have to mostly stick to the laws of relativity on earth.”


Many admire the aspects of the characters former lives displayed on Earth. Kalos K. Chu, a critic, wrote “The Season Three premiere is heavily reminiscent of the pilot. The staggered chronology that jumps from present-day Eleanor to three-months-ago Chidi back to present-day Chidi then to three-months later Tahani and Jason and then to three-months-later.”.


The best season or not, this popular sitcom has a bright future, or possibly a shocking end. No matter what the writers whip up next, their faithful audience will undeniably tune in. As for critics, the reviews could not get better. Overall, The Good Place displays promising potential and has provided fans with successful seasons as of yet.


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