The How to Guide on the Marvel Cinematic Universe


by Jonah Grimes

In recent years, Marvel has become a huge sensation across America not only with comics, but the marvel cinematic universe (MCU) as well. The Marvel films have grossed billions of dollars, and with Captain America: Civil War they have reached record proportions and made fifth best opening weekend ever. For fans who are just getting into the films, they may want to start from the very beginning, and believe it or not there is a specific order that the movies and the show Agents of Shield should be watched. This list of how to watch the MCU is set in a chronological order that tells the whole story in a way that is easy to follow and understand.

It all starts with Captain America: The First Avenger. Captain America is about zero turned hero Steve Rogers becoming a super soldier created to stop the evil Red Skull from destroying America. Next on our list we have Iron Man the story of billionaire Tony Stark who survives a terrorist attack and becomes the invincible Iron Man. Next we have The Incredible Hulk, which is about Bruce Banner escaping the government (This film is skippable). Afterwards we have Iron Man 2 which continues the story of Tony and brings to light the question on whether Iron Man can be trusted and introduces Black Widow. Then we head on into Asgard with Thor which is about none other than the title character and how he sent to earth to be taught a lesson which leads to some unfortunate events; this also introduces Hawk Eye. Now we head into the big leagues with Marvel’s The Avengers which brings together heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and others to save the world from a threat like none other.

As we push on into the next chapter of the universe we must start with Iron Man 3 which once again follows Tony and how he deals with his own mortality and tries to manage his relationship with Pepper Potts. Now we will head into Marvel’s Agents of Shield season 1 episodes 1-15 which follows the missions of Agent Coulson and his rag tag group of agents as they try to fight the agents of Hydra. Next it’s back to Asgard with Thor 2: Into the Dark World which is centered around Thor and Loki as they try to defeat the evil dark elves. Then it’s back to Agents for episodes 16-22. After that it’s time for Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier where Captain America must fight off a mysterious new threat while discovering the corruption within Shield. Now we’ll start Guardians of the Galaxy which is about a renegade group of outlaws and how they become heroes who must stop a threat that could destroy the entire galaxy.

We bring it back in for part three which kicks off with episodes 1-19 of season 2 of Agents and then the whole first season of Daredevil which is all about Matt Murdock a lawyer blinded by chemicals whose father was killed by gangsters and how he plans on cleaning up crime in the mean streets of Hell’s Kitchen. Afterwards it’s time for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron which follows our group of heroes as they band together to stop an A.I. gone mad and a pair of brother and sister super humans. Finally we wrap it all up with Agents one last time with episodes 20-22 of season 2 and Marvel’s Ant-Man which is all about ex-con Scott Lang and how he must take up the mantle of Ant-Man to stop an evil scientist from causing war.

With the list finished there is plenty more to be excited for. “I’m looking forward to Civil War and infinite wars and I’m looking forward to spider-man and black panther and Thor Ragnarok,” stated Junior Brian Herman on what films he is anticipating.

Now while many are familiar with the movies there are many people who don’t really know too much about the comics, “I’m familiar with the comics but I haven’t read many, I just read whatever was in my old school’s library,” Stated Sophomore Alicia Bolli.

While we all anticipate what is to come in the following years from Marvel fans can be contempt with re-watching everything until Captain America: Civil War and get ready to watch hero battle hero as Captain America goes head on against Iron Man Friday, May 6.