The Last Guardian


by Kaleb Fullbright

The Last Guardian is a video game that is being released later this year, a game that has been talked about by many fans of Fumito Ueda and Team Ico for the past five years. The Last Guardian has been on the shelf for the past five years only to finally be resurrected and brought to reality this year. The exact release date is still unknown but Team Ico said it was gonna be out sometime in 2016.

The story revolves around the last of the Guardians and a kid who is the protector of the Guardian. The Guardian is a griffin of sorts, but the specifics aren’t released yet. The story so far seems to be short but as mentioned previously the specifics aren’t out yet. The game is classified as a puzzler and action-adventure.

Fumito Ueda and Team Ico are the same people who made Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, which were both critically acclaimed. It has been 11 years since Shadow of the Colossus made its debut in North America in 2005, and the Last Guardian had begun production in 2007. The production company then announced in 2009 with a 2011 release, but with numerous delays and complications including Ueda and several Team Ico members leaving Sony, that deadline was simply not possible. Ueda and several of the Team Ico members were determined to finish this game no matter what, and finally at the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo, it was reintroduced, with a release date in 2016.

A lot of people are anticipating this game: “I’ve been expecting it since 2009,” stated OHS Juniors Justin Friday and Jonah Grimes.

They don’t make games as much as they make an experience,” said Friday.

Jonah Grimes exclaimed, “I’m excited for the artstyle and the story to see where this game is going and how the characters are gonna act and be.”

Expectations are very high for this game. “I hope there’s some conflict between the guardian and the kid,” stated Senior Joseph Grimes.

“Ico and Shadow of the Colossus were very good so I expect a lot from Ueda and Team Ico,” Jonah further elaborated.

The Last Guardian is a game the gaming community can’t wait for. Gamers are very excited and are hoping to see more from Team Ico and Fumito Ueda.


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