The Masked Singer: Season Four

The final 6 contestants face off in the battle of sixes

The final 6 contestants face off in the battle of sixes

Kadin Wetherholt, Editor

Before The Finals 


Fox’s hit show The Masked Singer had fans on their feet, puzzled on each inscrutable appearance. The concept inflicted in this show is that famous celebrities hide behind giant, outrageous, beautiful masks that conceal their identity. The contestants sing with the purpose of advancing toward the next round.


On September 23, 2020, The Masked Singer premiered its fourth season, with COVID-19 restrictions still in effect;  it didn’t stop TMS from spreading morale. The season consisted of 13 episodes- much less than last season which aired 22 episodes. All fans were anxious to watch the season four finale on December 16, 2020. The last three contestants were the Sun, Mushroom, and Crocodile;they faced-off, hoping to take home the golden mask.


Season Four has been the most competitive yet, leaving the judges speechless; sometimes even in tears. It hadn’t been easy for the final contestants to make it this far. They had to battle it out in the last six, where every singer brought their A-game. Each competitor battled one on one with another contestant, hoping to see the side of glory. Unfortunately, the audience had to say goodbye to The Popcorn, Jellyfish, and Seahorse, which shocked all of the fans. 


The Upset


The biggest upset of the fourth season was the battle between the Crocodile and Seahorse singers. After the battle, fans discovered that the Seahorse had lost to the Crocodile;behind the mask was Grammy-winner singer-songwriter Tori Kelly. Later that night, all hell broke loose on Twitter; fans expressed their feelings of upset that Seahorse did not  make it through to the finals.


Twitter user, Brittinnee, exclaimed her fury: “Don’t think I’ll ever recover from @torikelly not winning The Masked Singer !!!!! The angelic powerhouse vocalist that gives you goosebumps every time.”


Another user bouncing off Brittinnee’s idea, crying out, “OKAY. Who’s cutting onions?! Wow… the Seahorse is my fav. I mean that voice!!! #chills #The Masked Singer.” 


This is just the shortlist of many furious Twitter users expressing their opinions on this season’s semi-final episode. Luckily for those upset fans, the Seahorse did make an appearance on The Maksed Singer’s holiday sing-along-special, but that was still not enough for social media user Kristin Elizabeth: “The Seahorse singing my heart will go on for the holiday sing-along is just torture. I’m still so sad & bitter; @torikelly could have won the whole damn thing #TheMaskedSinger


Fans claim that they know the Sun and Crocodile’s identity. Names like Nick Carter and Leann Rimes have been tossed around, even Carrie Underwood and Alica Keys. The essence behind the mysterious Mushroom remains unknown, deceiving all viewers. What makes the show so addicting is that each costume is unique, hiding all features attached to the person, making them invisible.


Madison Synder, Senior at Oakdale High School, remarks, “I got attached because of my friends, and it’s a contest show which makes it appealing to watch to the end. I will watch the final.”


That aside, The Masked Singer will continue and sadly won’t bring back any voted off contestants. In the future, they might eliminate the battle aspect and make the contestants battle everyone. TMS has three spectacular contestants still in the competition, and we are all excited for them to sing their hearts off in the amazing season four finale. 


The Finale 


The last episode of season four aired at eight o’clock on the 16th of December. The final three contestants, faced off leaving one victorious. Leann Rimes- previous known as the Sun- sang her way into first place, winning the golden mask.