Megan Donovan

The latest installment of the Conjuring series, The Nun, has viewers lulled, despite high box office earnings.


Directed by Corin Hardy, the film hit theaters Friday, September 7. Despite its low reviews, it brought in the highest opening weekend profit of the series, a whopping $53.5 million. It also ranks as the second best opening as of yet in September.


This prequel features seemingly new characters, investigating the suicide of a nun at a Romanian monastery. Father Burke (Demiàn Bichir) and a gifted novitiate Irene (Taissa Farmiga) are sent to investigate the matter by the Vatican. With the help of the charismatic Frenchie (Jonas Bloquet), the man who found the body of said nun, the pair take up residence at the convent. The visit proves to be especially trying, as a demonic entity haunts their every move and meddle with their minds.


Léa Martinez, a sophomore at Oakdale, gave her overall opinion on the film: “I think that The Nun poorly demonstrated Catholicism. I think that in the entertainment business they tried too hard to make it scary, which [in this case] actually drew purpose away from the religious aspect of it,” she explained. “Personally, I would never watch this again. The plot was very messy and I wouldn’t really consider it a horror movie, maybe a thriller. It wasn’t that scary.”


But did The Nun provide any closure for anything fans may have been questioning from previous installments? “The one part of the movie that tied into the other movies was Frenchie, who was shown briefly as possessed in the beginning on the first Conjuring. That was the only thing that really tied in, although there’s theories that the main character from The Nun and The Conjuring are the same person,” Martinez refers to the connection between Taissa Farmiga and her sister Vera Farmiga, the lead actress of the original Conjuring. The striking resemblance left viewers questioning whether their characters are actually the same person, suggesting a career and name change.


Nevertheless, audiences rave of Taissa’s chilling performance, Oakdale sophomore Connor McFarland gave his input, “Taissa Farmiga was an amazing actress in it. I remember at one point in the movie, in a really tense part, just thinking how good she was in that scene.”


Whether, positive of negative, The Nun is undoubtedly gathering a massive reaction from audiences worldwide. It’s unprecedented box office success surely secures its place into the cinematic universe of The Conjuring, leaving fans to wonder, will there be another addition to this series?