The Reading Bears


Kendall Gill and Madelyn Willson

As students at Oakdale are adjusting to the swing of school, clubs are a large topic of conversation amongst the students and staff. While many upperclassmen and freshmen alike look across the club sign up, many may be wondering what club to join. All of the options are amazing for their own reasons, book club is a wonderful option for those who have a passion for reading and want to meet new companions.


With monthly meetings, Book Club provides an opportunity for students to discuss and share ideas with people over snacks and good books. When asked what someone needs to join the club, advisor Ms. Renate Owen suggests, “Just a love of reading and a love for talking and discussing with others, also food, you have to love food!”.


When asked about plans for this year, Ms. Owen informed us that in order to ensure the best environment for members, they will be implementing a survey at the beginning of the year to see if people would like changes to the club. So far, not many changes have been made to the club since its beginnings in 2010 due to the positive feedback that has been received.


Students, when asked about book club, spoke about how it was a wonderful opportunity for riveting conversations with new acquaintances where they can connect real life to fiction and bond over literature. However, conversations don’t stop at books, despite the club’s title.


Teachers and students alike have said that one of the many misconceptions regarding the club is that people think that it’s “boring and for book nerds,” as stated by Ms. Owen.


In reality it’s not just books it’s also discussion, movies, life connections, and more. Sophomore Christian Due called it a very welcoming environment and said, “If you like books, do it! You will not regret it!”


The only suggestion in joining from members themselves would be: if you don’t read it will be difficult. Make sure you take the time to read and if you can’t allow that time then make a choice and do what is in your best interest.


As advisor Ms. Owen encourages herself, “Give it a try, it might not be for you, but try it and see if you get along with people. If it doesn’t work there are no ill feelings but you’re always welcome back.”