The Student-Covid Lifestyle



Empty classrooms around the country are a new normal for these uncertain times.

Nicholas Moyer, Editor

188 days ago, all of our lives changed unexpectedly. Governor Larry Hogan closed schools for two weeks as the entire state was in a lock down, no one knew what was to come. 188 days later schools are still closed, hundreds of businesses are closed, and it seems as if the world is crumbling around us. 


During this time period students have learned a lot about themselves and have been tested mentally, like never before. Many Oakdale students have picked up new hobbies to pass away the time in quarantine.


In March, Oakdale Senior Aidan Demma, had no idea he would not have a normal senior year. Today Demma looks forward to the day we no longer have to wear a mask, and when he can rejoin his peers back in the classroom, “I’m most excited about not having to wear a mask everywhere I go and having my temperature taken everytime I go somewhere.”


Demma also discussed some positives and negatives about online school, “I miss seeing my friends at school and getting the hands experience I would get if we went to school.”  He also stated that he enjoyed not being on a bell schedule and not having to attend every class everyday. 


Over quarantine Demma participated in “Fishing, basketball, lifeguarding, driving around, and hanging out with boys.” He is sad that he is not getting a normal senior year.


During the pandemic Junior Dylan Miller has enjoyed things such as “Club soccer, time with family and lifting.”  


He believes that when businesses begin the reopening stages, “The moods of Marylanders will be more positive.” 


He is excited to “travel, see my friends and sports” when the world gets back to normal. 


One thing Miller doesn’t enjoy about online learning is the internet, as it tends to crash and he has to spend lots of time looking at a screen, although he does enjoy the “Extra time to do assignments.” 


Ireland Payne was disappointed about her freshman year getting cut short and is excited for school to go back in session, “When our country goes back to normal I will be most excited to go out without having to wear a mask or having to take extra precautions in restaurants or shops.” 


“The things I miss most about school are seeing my friends and meeting my teachers,” she explains. 


“A positive thing about online learning is that we do not have to wake up as early as we would if regular school was in session. You can work wherever you want and at your own pace, A negative thing about online learning is that sometimes the directions are unclear or there are computer issues leading to miscommunications with the teacher and the student.” 


Currently Payne is keeping busy, “I’m going to Oakdale and summer league volleyball practices. I also go over to my friends houses to hang out with them.” 


Payne misses normal life; however, she enjoyed her time off, “The thing I enjoyed most about quarantine was having a very long”summer “. I also enjoyed not having to do my regular routine, it was like a break from my busy schedule.”


Sophie Collins has especially enjoyed her time in quarantine, getting a break from the stress of freshman year. 


“I miss nothing. I like being online, I can work at my own pace and don’t have to be with people I don’t like.” 


She then continued,  “I am still working at the retirement facility and going to gymnastics practice.” 


She also believes that Maryland should remain in phase 3 before we jump to reopening everything, “I don’t think it is a good idea, Maryland is doing okay right now and I don’t want to take any chances until Covid is done so it eliminates all risk,” she said. 


 We are all bummed that our High School careers are not going how we expected, but the best we can do in this time is make the most of this experience. Try new things, go out before it’s too cold, hangout with friends while you have this time.