Thrill and Chills Virtual Field Trip


The flyer that was posted around in the classrooms advertising the event.

Oliver Daubert, Writer

Young adult author Tiffany D. Jackson will be hosting a free virtual field trip on Wednesday October 27th, 2021, over a google meet. This google meet event follows the release of her 9th published book White Smoke published on September 14th of 2021. Students will have the option to choose which section they would like to attend or attend the whole event. The event will begin at 7:30 am and will start with a Q and A and hold different events throughout the school day until 2:15.  


Tiffany Jackson is a one time New York Times best selling author from Brooklyn, NY, and has some experience working in horror films. Her first published book Allegedly was released on January 24th, 2017. In total Jackson has published 9 books and one short story. In addition, she has worked on 2 short films titled So I Married A Vampire and The Field Trip. Jackson mainly focuses on the young adult fiction genre. 


After the event begins at 7:30, “Tiffany Jackson will present 3 workshops throughout the day followed up by breakout sessions focusing on her various books,” explained Renate Owen, one of the event organizers and Oakdale’s media specialist.


She added, “The end of the day sessions will be led by individuals at participating schools and include: Brain Yoga, For the Love of Fear (movie clips), Tiffany Jackson Scattergories, and more.”. 


All the events will be broadcasted in the Oakdale High School Library, or students can choose to watch it in whatever class they’re in during your time slot, with teacher approval.


If someone has read or is interested in reading Tiffany Jackson’s work, the library here at Oakdale High School has 7 of her works including Grown, Monday’s Not Coming,  Let Me Hear a Rhyme, Allegedly, Blackout and her most recent book White Smoke. 


White Smoke is Tiffany Jackson’s first take on a horror story, taking her knowledge of horror from her film-making career. It’s a psychological thriller and a modern day take on the typical haunted house story. 


Tiffany Jacksons books deal with a lot of heavy topics. Heather Corridon, one of the English teachers at Oakdale High School, describes Tiffany Jacksons books as “very relevant, very moving, very powerful.” 


If you want to learn more about Tiffany Jackson, make sure you turn in your signed permission slip to Mrs.Owen in the library or your English teacher by Friday, October 22, 2021.