Trending book: “It Ends With Us”



“It Ends With Us,” a fragile, yet beautifully written story.

Alexia Parisi, Editor

Lily is an aspiring flower shop owner and Ryle is a neurosurgeon extremely passionate about his job. What happens when Lily’s first love enters back in her life? This story uncovers past and present events that change Lily’s life for the worse and better.

Colleen Hoover is a beautiful writer and New York Times bestselling author, who currently has a trending book called It Ends With Us. Over the last year a new side of Tik Tok, called “Book Tok,” has formed. On Book Tok, people are sharing their favorite books they have recently read. One of the most popular is It Ends With Us.

It Ends With Us portrays the beauty and pain in life and love. Hoover states in this book, “There is no such thing as bad people, we’re all just people who sometimes do bad things.” This quote sets such an amazing base for the rest of the story. It shows lots of the imperfections of relationships, while also showing the perfections.

When asked what she learned from reading this book, Cassie Rivera, a sophomore at Oakdale High School, mentioned, “The ones you end up loving are the ones who will hurt you the most.”

She also added that she learned, “not all humans are perfect.”

Hoover digs deep into the personal trauma through her writing. The writing of this book is bold. Another sophomore at Oakdale High School, Anabelle Houston, commented, “Reading this book I felt sad yet captivated, the writing was amazing but the topic itself was very heavy to read,”

It Ends With Us also portrays the importance of having a support system and friendship. Readers tend to grow to love a lot of the side characters because of the support and encouragement they show the main character, Lily. Riveras reasoning behind her favorite character was the “support she showed Lily from the day they met.”

Both Rivera and Houston said they would recommend this book. Houston added, “It’s fantastic and one of my top five favorite books, and the author is a fantastic writer. I would recommend the book to a mature audience, high school and above, purely based on the content of the book.”

As mentioned before, this book does include sensitive topics like abuse. If this is something that will affect or trigger you, I would not recommend reading this book.