Varsity Boys Soccer Left Frederick in the Dust on Senior Night


Elise Harich

Leo Tannure brings the ball up the field to make the final goal.

Grey Bavender, Writer

Oakdale’s boy varsity soccer team had their senior night last night (Thursday, October 21st), dominating the field with a score of 3-2, leaving Frederick’s team defeated. This isn’t much of a surprise considering Oakdale was ranked second in Frederick County for boys soccer.

Goals were scored by Alex Isroilov, Jake Werner, and Leo Tannure, who scored the final goal of the game.

Even though Covid has impacted many of the players’ practice schedules, that doesn’t stop Oakdale from controlling the field. Many of the players don’t play soccer just for an extracurricular activity, but to prepare themselves for their future.

Ethan Simpson and Aidan Wright are the captains on the team this season and have been trying their best to set a good example for the team..

Jonathan Fuentes, junior, talks about his future and how he wants soccer to be a part of it. When asked where he sees himself in five years, Fuentes claims he imagines himself: ¨Finishing up college working toward my end goal of playing soccer professionally.¨

The team showed many of their strengths and weaknesses during the game. Even the captain, Simpson, had his ups and downs. He stated,“My strengths are my speed and being able to lead. My weaknesses are my technical skill and being able to plan out what I´m going to do before I get the ball.¨

Many of the games this year have been very special. But Simpson noted one that was the most memorable: “My game I’m most proud of was Urbana, we were tied 0-0 the entire game and went into our first half over double overtime, we were 6 minutes in and we had a free kick from about the 40 yard line. The ball was played into the box by Aiden Wright and I headed it into the back of the net causing us to win the game.”

But they wouldn’t have made it where they are now without the support of what motivates them. Fuentes talked about his background and how his family inspired him. He explained: “I am motivated to play by my father. He was never given the chance to play when he was young due to family responsibilities, so it helps me realize how fortunate I am to have this opportunity to play and he helps me push myself everyday to be a great player.”

Overall, senior night was a very special way to end the season.