“Was it Just a Prank, Bro?”

  • There comes a time every year at high schools across the United States for seniors to come together and prank their school. These pranks can vary from tame to the insanely extreme, but they are always memorable to look back on.

Several teachers have come out and expressed their opinion on senior pranks, along with potential alternatives in case they go too far. With pranks like urine in the hallway and ladybug infestations are examples of recent senior pranks, and these teachers talked about how they feel.

Edward Schoder teaches English and English 101 and feels ambivalent towards these pranks. This is because they can be “humorous and build team spirit, yet occasionally cross the line into breaking the law”. He believes these pranks are done due to the sense of camaraderie. Schoder suggests some kind of team challenges that make a permanent mark on the school’s legacy.

Tara Ketteringham, one of Oakdale’s guidance counselors, is also ambivalent regarding senior pranks. However, it is more because she “does not think about them that often”. She believes they are done out of a sense of tradition. As a different option, Ketteringham recommended creating Bear Crossing signs or something like that rather than just a joke.

Mitch Rubin often deals with seniors as both a soccer coach and Team Sports teacher. His opinion on senior pranks depends on their levity. He stated, “When no major harm is done, they are ok.” Like Ketteringham, Rubin thinks these pranks are done out of tradition. When asked about his idea for an alternative, Rubin suggested “recognition at SafenSane”.

Michael Chavez, the new Assistant Principal at Oakdale, had plenty to say about these pranks. “I sometimes enjoy them, but they can go too far. When something like vandalization occurs or something is damaged, that is going too far.” Chavez also thinks tradition is the key factor to senior pranks. Mr. Chavez believes an ideal activity instead of pranks would be “a senior activity to contribute to the community.”

Social Studies teacher at Oakdale High, Jenn Byrne, gave her input on senior pranks. “I don’t like them very much but if they are not going too far, they are okay”. An example of a prank going too far that Byrne witnessed was “at my high school they put oil on the floor and people were slipping and getting hurt”. On the other hand, Byrne has favored certain pranks in the past such as a proposed prank she heard about where the Linganore seniors go to Oakdale and vice versa. Byrne added why she thinks senior pranks are done. “The seniors think they will not get in trouble and just want to do something memorable”.

While many teachers feel mixed about senior pranks, students are more open to them. Sophomore Chevy Boggs says he believes senior pranking is a cool concept. When asked if he has witnessed any pranks that have stood out to him he replied, “There have been good ones in the past such as Mr. Marker’s furniture last school year”. Boggs added that he does believe pranks can go too far if they are actually destroying something in the school or harming others.
Teachers and students seem to have a similar opinion on senior pranks. They both can see the potential and possible harm. If a prank does go too far, the presented options could serve as replacements. If things stay civil and harmless at Oakdale in terms of these pranks, no changes will need to occur.