Welcome to Oakdale heaven, Ms.Lemon!


By Tristan Tetlow-Ames


Ms. Leslie Lemon is the new business teacher here at Oakdale, and she makes it her business to make sure her students have fun. She uses intriguing activities like skits and other assignments that make her students use their imagination. Senior Brian Herman says, “She does best with what she has, it is not often a boring class”. Ms. Lemon always wanted to do something with technology and business. Therefore, she was a secretary for twenty plus years before she went to college to become a teacher.

Before she was a teacher, she knew computers well, taking a job as a temp, but she wanted to gift the knowledge she had to others. She says, “I always thought I had something to say, I share my experiences everyday.” So she started the journey of becoming a teacher, and found herself here at Oakdale.

“I’m more confident in my job here, the other teachers are so nice”, she said with a huge smile on her face. “There is a culture of kindness and understanding at Oakdale”.

She instantly became a valued teacher in this school due to her drive to do well. She said, “One thing I want to do is improve the technology here, I want the full ride”.

Overwhelmed by wanting to help this school, she learned what a good community of learning was like.

At home she spends her free time gardening and hanging out with her adorable German Shepard. Now she is enjoying her unfortunate long commute, and the school she now loves.