What’s With all the Hype around the Newfound Ping Pong Club?


Nazia Rangwala-Vora

Two Oakdale High students go face-to-face in a ping pong match during the SET ping pong club meeting.

McKenzie Mollica and Kaitlyn Valle

Oakdale High School’s ping pong club was founded for people to make new friends and play ping pong. The Ping Pong Club was founded by sophomores Ashlie Turk and Nazia Rangwala-Vohra. Many students have shown an interest in this club, resulting in huge success with the club currently consisting of over 109 members.

However, behind the scenes, setting the club up has been tricky. Turk explains, “It has been stressful trying to get an appropriate amount of ping pong tables. We had 109 people sign up for our club with only three tables. As of now, I’m letting the school borrow ours, which makes four, and we fund a donor which will hopefully make five.”

Despite all of the issues that have come up, members still had a good time. Zachary Johnson, a freshman at Oakdale high School, states, “My favorite part of the club would be playing better competition, and playing just for fun.”

Overall, the newfound Ping Pong Club is headed in a great direction. Gabriel Guider, a sophomore at Oakdale High School, attended the first meeting and said his favorite part is “playing against my friends.” While some students play against their friends, this club is also a chance for people to meet new friends, and get to play other competitions.

The ping pong club welcomes all levels from beginner to advanced players. Johnson mentioned, ”I have a ping pong table so I play a lot of ping pong at home.”

Opposing Johnson, Turk expressed, “I really had no prior experience. We started the club barely knowing the rules.”

Given that the club is a great opportunity for all skill levels, it’s a great selling point to get new members to join. The more members in the club, the more opportunities there are for people being able to get to know others in the school.

The club had a great start, and is hoping to continue smoothly into the future. The club was started by two sophomores, and for it to have this much success it is amazing. Hopefully with this club going well, students will take this opportunity to get more involved.