When Does Christmas Season Start?


Juan Garcia Jr.

Market Squares Christmas Decorations.

Despite the fact Christmas isn’t until December 25th, the Christmas season began on November 3rd. Some stores set up before this date because for them the longer the season, the better. However, November 3rd should be the start.


The Christmas season is a time for joy and happiness; therefore, the longer the season lasts the better it is for everyone.  “Christmas Season brings joy and happiness and people need joy and happiness in their lives,” Sophomore Connor McFarland states.


People’s lives are full of stress, and the Christmas season is the best time to de-stress. During the season people are filled with peace and love, which helps to bring people together. The Christmas season brings people closer together and fills people with love, that’s why the season needs to last longer.  


During the Christmas season, family and friends gather to have parties or just to get together. When you are stressed or depressed one of the best things to do is gather around the table with your family and enjoy a meal, especially a Christmas dinner.


Stores and public places begin to play Christmas music and decorate for Christmas starting on November 3rd. Big name stores such as Walmart might have their decorations up earlier; however, November 3rd is when they should start to play music or begin to decorate the store.  After Halloween, places like Market Square, Westview Promenade, and the Clarksburg Outlets started decorating immediately.


The Christmas season is a time of caring and being close to loved ones, as Abner Benevides, a sophomore at Oakdale exclaims proudly: “My favorite part of the Christmas season is going to buy presents.”


Christmas season is also commonly referred to as the season of giving. “Watching my friends faces when they open the gift I give them is great,” stated Benevides.


October 31st is All Hallows Eve,  November 1st is All Saints Day, and November 2nd is All Souls Day. These holidays are considered paranormal holidays. However, on November 3rd it is believed that Angels come down from heaven to clean up any paranormal perplexities left from Halloween, marking the start of the Christmas season.   


Some people may say that Thanksgiving is its own holiday and that we shouldn’t rush the Christmas season. However, Thanksgiving is a part of the Christmas season. Thanksgiving is only celebrated in the United States and Christmas is a worldwide holiday. Thanksgiving dinner is an event in the Christmas season. When you look up Christmas movies, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” comes up.


In conclusion, the fall season ends after the paranormal holidays,  and then the Christmas season begins the day after on November third.