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Which All Time Low Member is your Spirit Animal?

  1. Which goofy tweet would you most likely make?
    1. “If you corrected my grammar, I’m probably going to spill spaghetti sauce on your white shirt…so many sauce.”
    2. “Inner happiness is rad! I find mine in cheeseburgers”
    3. “On an average day, I would say I witness an (best friends name here) nip-slip about 43 times.”
    4. a pun on your last name
  2. What instrument do/would you love to play?
    1. both guitar and singing
    2. lead guitar
    3. drums
    4. bass
  3. What are your hobbies?
    1. going to football games and relaxing at home
    2. Managing your cheeky clothing line and goofing off with your best friend
    3. listening to blink-182 and hanging out with your SO
    4. working out and skateboarding
  4. What advice/belief would you most likely voice?
    1. “This goes out to anybody who’s ever been told that the way that they think or the way that they feel is the wrong way to think or the wrong way to feel. Goes out to anybody who’s ever been pushed down, held back, walked on… Anybody who doesn’t feel comfortable in their own skin, anybody…everybody – It goes out to everybody.”
    2. “Sometimes you gotta look yourself in the mirror and say ‘I am the prettiest princess in all the land’. I do it at least once a week.”
    3. “I don’t talk very much, because talking without thought is not talking at all”
    4. “Music has become my driving force behind my life. It, to me, can fix bad moods, bad days, even bad people. It is the beat of my life.”
  5. What bands out of these are your favorites?
    1. Green Day
    2. Limp Bizkit
    3. Foo Fighters
    4. You don’t really talk about your favorite bands
  6. What tattoo would you most likely get?
    1. something representing your favorite holiday
    2. something relating to a loved movie
    3. a band logo for sure
    4. an inspiring quote or bible verse
  7. Whats your role in your group of friends?
    1. leader who’s serious about half the time but goofy the other half
    2. the class clown
    3. the quiet one whos also a total sweetheart
    4. the athletic and independent one
  8. If you were to be in a music video, what would you most likely be doing?
    1. stomping around in a way that’s playful yet showcases your legs
    2. something goofy & unexpected, your fans would love your sense of humor!!
    3. playing along with whatever the rest of the band is doing
    4. playing music like you normally would outside of a music video

If you answered…

MOSTLY A’S: Your spirit animal is Alex Gaskarth!!!

Congrats, just like Alex you’re probably a leader who has a laid-back personality and a lot of depth. You’re almost as goofy as Jack, but when you’re serious your words really pack a punch. You’re extremely influential to those around you and unapologetic for who you are. You hate routine and don’t take yourself too seriously.

MOSTLY B’S: Your spirit animal is Jack Barakat!!!

You’re definitely a class clown. So much so in fact people are taken aback when you say something serious. Your friends love you for always being able to cheer them up and being down for anything. You inspire people to be confident and appreciate the little things. If there’s a party nearby you know where it is. You really care about the quality of the work you put out.

MOSTLY C’S: Your spirit animal is Rian Dawson!!!

You’re probably the least talkative in your group of friends, but the most relatable. You value authenticity and are very down-to-earth. Music plays a huge role in your life, enough so that you’d get a tattoo of a band logo. You’re really sweet and your SO (significant other) plays a big role in your life.

MOSTLY D’S: Your spirit animal is Zack Merrick!!!

You’re most likely an athlete. You’re cautious but try a lot of different things. You put a lot of personalization into your work and are proud of where you’re from. Your tattoos make a bold statement but you don’t regret a single one. You’re dedicated loyal, and up for a challenge.

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