White House Photo Story


Connor Moles, Writer

Friday, January 5th, we arrived in Washington DC around 9:20 am. After going through security, we enter the White House. The Statue of George Washington is one of the first things you see when entering.
As the tour continues, after the entrance, there is a hall showing special things each president did. This frame shows presidents meeting with important officials. With each frame down the hall they all have a new picture featuring president Trump.
After heading down the hall, the tour starts to go into the actual interior of the White House. One of the first things you’ll find is a statue of Abraham Lincoln.
The china found here are ones previous presidents used during their terms. The rest of the china would be at the white house museum.
Following along the next thing to be found is the library. The rooms have been retrofitted to have electrical lighting.
The Vermeil Room is a meeting room right across the library. During the Christmas season, the lamps by the windows are replaced with small Christmas trees.
This is the original painting of George Washington dating all the way back to 1796. The painting is hung in the East Room.
This is the green room; as you can tell it’s green. Two rumors surround the green rooms’ greenness. Either President Adams called it the “Green Drawing Room”, or President Jefferson used to cover the floor with green colored canvas for protection.
The next room is the blue room. These rooms could have been made for meetings of smaller degrees.
The last room of the three is the red room, which is another meeting room. These rooms could have been for different meetings with different people
Right before the end of the tour, when leaving you’ll see the seal of the president. This is where the tour ends, and you leave too exit the gates.