Who is Ms. Corridon?


Owen McFarland

At the start of the 2018-2019 school year, Ms. Heather Corridon moved up from Oakdale Middle School to Oakdale High School! She made this change so she would be able to work with older students.


Ms. Corridon has been teaching for eight years, two of them at Oakdale Middle. The other six years were spent at New Market Middle and Saint Johns. She became a teacher because she loves working with students; she also became a teacher because she is a single mom with two kids – she wanted the time to raise her son and daughter. Ms. Corridon explained, “I get to do what I love and I can raise my kids.”  


“When High School students come to school, they come to get work done,” Ms. Corridon said. They work to get to that goal, they want to accomplish the goal.


She clarified, “In Middle school that goal seems so far away. It’s harder for them to focus on their work.” Middle school students are more focused on their social life then academic life. That makes it harder to create a connection to the teacher or the teacher to the student.  


She confirmed that she was excited when the position opened up because she knew from the start that she always wanted to teach at a high school level.


Sophomore Ryan Davis exclaimed, “She is a great teacher and very helpful.”


Ms. Corridon described Oakdale High school as welcoming and this made her eager to start. Over the summer many staff members reached out to her welcoming her to the school. She enjoys having real conversations with students, either about problems or just light hearted discussions about life.


Davis concluded with, “She is a very kind person and teacher.”


Corridon stated, “You get to see them in the classroom but you also get to see them outside of the classroom.” She enjoys not only seeing the kids as she is teaching them but she also enjoys seeing them in the hallway or out at sporting events.


Ms. Corridon currently teaches 9th and 11th grade English, she is the new head of Mock Trial and is the advisor of the Drama club.