World Religions Welcomed to Oakdale

by Mckenna Whelan

“World Religions was actually the number one class demanded by students out of all the new  possible courses for Oakdale,” Social Studies Teacher Kate Ehrlich announced. This course discusses various religions  including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity  and more. This class offers wonderful opportunities for students who have the alacrity to learn about religion and culture around the world.

Senior Rachel Rice who is taking the new course expressed her curiosity. Rice exclaimed, “I am excited to learn about all kinds of religions and expand my knowledge.”

She also exclaimed “I’m a Christian and that is one of the reasons why I was interested in taking the class.”

Additionally, World Religions takes the class on adventures voyaging to places like the Buddhist Temple! This gives students the chance to interact with religious environments and create meaningful experiences. There is no doubt this course broadens religious education and stresses the impact of religion.

Mrs.Ehrlich communicated, “Religion influences various things including, culture, history, wars and such.” She also voiced, “By teaching this class I can make students more aware about the rumors and misconceptions of religion.”

Overall World Religions can benefit students when they mature into adults, by understanding people better and creating an amiable acceptance for those with different beliefs. Whether it’s with meeting new people, future relationships and or engaging with co-workers, this course opens students minds to the elective amounts of religion globally.