Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Review


Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist on NBC

Ella Ward

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist on NBC


Austin Winsberg produced the television show, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, which first aired January 7, 2020 on NBC. The show is about a young woman named Zoey (Jane Levy) who gains the ability to hear people’s innermost thoughts as songs and musical numbers. She goes through life trying to balance work, family, and love. On top of that, Zoey has a passion for helping others get through tough times in their lives. 


The characters are relatable. For example, Zoey is the only female employee in her workplace. She is a computer programmer. Naturally, she is a bit of a geek and tries to take her job seriously. She has to deal with an abrupt boss, her best guy friend, and a crush she has on her fellow employee. The development of the characters are significant as well. Zoey and her boss, Joan (Lauren Graham), have a rocky relationship, but character viewpoints change as Zoey develops her powers. 


The soundtrack to the television show is incredible. It can attract the attention of all types of audiences as it includes music from the eighties to music from today. All performances are sung by the actors themselves. The random outbursts of musical numbers are what keeps audiences on their feet. 


Kaleigh Trischman, a Junior at Oakdale High School says that she had watched a show produced by Austin Winsberg. “He produced the Sound Of Music Live, which I watched a few years ago.” 


After giving the premise of the show, she admits that her favorite style of music is “eighties music” and she would consider watching Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist because “it sounds pretty interesting.” 


Alex Gang, a Junior at Oakdale High School explains, “My favorite genre of music is rock.” Of course, the show incorporates all genres and styles of music. 


Overall, the writing for Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is incredible. The crew have done an amazing job creating content that relates to modern times. Audiences will enjoy this show because it is a mix of comedy and drama. The show airs on Sundays at nine pm on NBC.