2016-2017 Girl’s Basketball Season Recap


By: Kiley King


The Oakdale Girl’s basketball team has reached the end of their 2016-2017 regular season at the eventful Senior Night on February 16th. They ended their run in the playoffs on the 27th. The season had its successes and troubles, but overall was one that’s hard to compare to any of those before.

The girls ended with a 16-8 record. “Our losses were against some of the best teams in the county,” Coach Rob Healy commented. “Some of them were one possession games…they could’ve gone either way.”

Frederick, Linganore, and Walkersville were formidable opponents that provided tough competition for the team. These games were also some of the most memorable and favorite. “It’s games like those that stick with you, even if you lose them,” senior captain Tara Butler had to say.

Although, some of these loses can be attributed to injuries and sickness that arose all throughout the season. Senior Night especially hit the team hard, as they lost senior Julia Slaton, and freshman Sam Foster as players for the playoffs. Other players received less serious injuries, but it was a rough game nonetheless.

The starters for the senior night game against North West High

Injuries stood to be the team’s largest problem. “Injuries are a thing that just happen, once they happen there’s not much you can do,” junior captain Izzy Ouimette explained.

This year’s team was also one with a greater degree of variety, including one freshman, four sophomores, five juniors, and four seniors; an even spread, considering freshmen do not normally make varsity.

“The younger girls have improved a lot this season,” Coach Healy noted. One of the sophomores, Briana Walker, has started regularly and made 1st team all conference. Sam Foster received an honorable mention.

Another success of the season were the seniors. The leadership abilities they acquired after four years clearly showed as they drove the team towards playoffs. Tara Butler made the 2nd team all division, and other senior captain Nadia Mirich received an honorable mention.

However, apart from the high quality playing ability of the girls, what brings the team together is the team’s chemistry. “It’s what holds any team together, but I feel it’s especially impactful for us,” Nadia commented. This emotional connection among the teammates was also seen during senior night, when Julia Slaton’s knee injury brought her to the hospital.

“I was ready to drive up to the hospital myself…We all felt the pain that Julia was in,” Izzy recalled.

The coach and captain easily agreed that it was their ability to come together as a team that made the girls so strong.