2018-19 Girls Basketball Season

Emma Hall, Editor-in-Chief

Oakdale High School is known for its athleticism, and this season’s Varsity Girls Basketball team is no exception. The season commenced December, 7th with a win against Williamsport, and it has been smooth sailing from there.


“I’m most excited to make it to the playoffs [this upcoming season]”, comments Junior Rachel Horning. “I think we have a good chance of making it to states and possibly winning.” Their undefeated record has only encouraged this notion.


On the other hand, being so notably good can lead to other problems. Junior Aubrey Austin describes “It just puts us at higher standards and more of a target [to other teams]”. Since they have never lost a game, Austin continues, other teams only have more of a desire to beat them and come at them stronger.


To deal with this pressure, the girls have to remain humble with their successes. “Every next game is our biggest game,” says Junior Grace Carey. The girls are in agreement that the game against Frederick on February 15th is their biggest and most hyped upcoming game.


The team prepares for challenging games in many different ways. Horning states, “We work on the team that we’re playing next, like defenses they’ll play against us and what we need to do to win,”. Austin also goes on to explain that by working hard in practice they are more mentally and physically prepared for upcoming games.


The girls agree that the best part about the team is the friends they made throughout the season. “We’re like a family” adds in Junior Nikki Etchison. The continuous practice with the same people bonds them together, making them cooperative and cohesive on and off the court.


This is extremely important to their game chemistry, as well. “One of the main reasons we’re such a good team is because we’re so close and trust each other,” says Carey. Knowing each other so well is their key to success.


Overall, the lady-Bears have a lot in store for them and we can expect a great rest of the season.