49ers Commentator Suspended After Making Racist Comment



San Francisco 49ers Commentator Tim Ryan standing on the middle of the field at Levi’s Stadium prior to one of the 49ers home games.

Luke Paugh and Zack Warner

San Francisco 49ers radio commentator Tim Ryan did not call Sunday’s game (December 8) against the New Orleans Saints due to disparaging comments Ryan made about Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.  


According to several sources, Ryan said about Jackson:  “He’s really good at that fake, but when you consider his dark skin color with a dark football with a dark uniform”.  (Swinton/Sports Illustrated) Ryan is a white radio commentator.  


In his comment made about Jackson, Ryan was referring to the Ravens’ zone-read offense, meaning the Ravens offense was blocking zone and Jackson was simply reading the defensive end.  Ryan is a white radio commentator. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Ryan cannot claim ignorance nor that he “misspoke” when he made these deprecating comments. There was also no follow-up questions on this strange remark, and Ryan’s interview has been deleted from KNBR.  


When OHS Senior Evan Hayek was asked his opinion on the derogatory comments made by Ryan, Hayek claimed, “There’s no excuse as a professional public speaker to have a slip up like that no matter what the intended purpose of this comment was.  It’s ridiculous to hear this. I believe they should’ve suspended him, and Ryan needs to apologize to Lamar Jackson”. 


Ryan was officially suspended Wednesday, December 4th, 2019, but 49ers fans believe that he should have been fired.  According to blackenterprise.com, Ryan’s suspension is grossly inadequate. 


Black quarterbacks have historically been drafted lower than any equally skilled white quarterbacks in the past. This issue stems deeper than these comments Ryan made. Black quarterbacks are usually described by NFL officials before the draft as “athletic” and less “intelligent” as their white counterparts, who are usually praised for their “intelligence” and are “less athletic”.  


When Junior Will Boughn was asked how he would feel if someone makes a racist comment to him, Boughn shared, “If someone made a comment about me like that I would do exactly what he did.  It’s not an appropriate thing to say. The wrong person may hear you, and then you would be in serious trouble.” 


As a result of the game on Sunday, December 1st at M&T Bank Stadium, the Ravens won 20-17 after Justin Tucker kicked a 49-yard field goal.  Jackson made rushes of 101 yards, and threw 105 yards and a touchdown on a 14 of 23 passing during this game. The 49ers eventually reached out to the Ravens apologizing on behalf of the entire team.