A Look Into the 2022-2023 Mock Trial Club



Mock Trial students get together to take their Club photo.

Jordyn Kinnee, Editor


The Oakdale’s 2022-2023 Mock Trial Club has just begun! Mock Trial Club gives students the chance to learn about the legal process and go through trial simulations. Students are excited to begin with this year’s case! Here’s a look into the start of this year’s trial. 


When asked how to describe Mock Trial, Junior, Madilyn Tribbitt shares, “Definitely a place where passionate, charismatic students come together.”


Junior, Hebsiba Kim adds, “Mock trial is a club that’s great for people who are interested in the civil law career field. It has a very welcoming environment.”


Mock Trial is a good way for students to interact with new people. Every year cases vary. Last year the case involved a death at a cabin. This year students juror a drug ring on a college campus.


Kim briefly describes her role in the trial. “This year, I will be the witness, Carter Rodriguez. This year’s case is a criminal case that involves a drug ring on a college campus. As it is a jury trial, I, as part of the defense team, will try to prove the defendant Ryan Grimes as innocent through my affidavit.” 


Both students are excited and anticipating a great trial.  They believe that with the team’s skills, they will have a chance to win states.


Tribbitt claims, “I am looking forward to making the opposing lawyers nervous when I am a very effective (annoying for their side) witness.” She believes her debate abilities give her a good chance at winning.


A variety of students join the Mock Trial club. Kim explains, “I joined this club because I did it last year and it was a good learning experience on what it would be like to be involved in the law field.”


This will be Tribbitt’s first year in the club, but she explains her experience with similar opportunities she had. She states, “I recently attended FCPS’s Law Academy, where I was able to listen to many guest speakers, most of whom were lawyers. The experience was very eye opening and it just confirmed for me the path I want to take. Being a witness in a mock trial allows me to be exposed to real life trials and to be dramatic in front of an audience.”

The Mock Trial club is a great place for driven students to get together. It gives students the ability to practice their public speaking skills, and exposes them to real life trials, and the law environment.