A Mother – More Important Than A Lost Sock


By: Gabby Redpath

There is a “holiday” for almost every day of the year, this month you may find yourself celebrating National Hoagie Day or possibly Lost Sock Memorial Day – but Mother’s Day may be the most important.  Mothers have been caring and loving for their children since the beginning of time – since before hoagies or lost socks even existed.

Mother’s Day is the day we, as children, are meant to give back to the women who molded us into the people we are today. We should give back to our mothers every day, but they definitely deserve their own holiday.

The second Sunday of each May is the United States’ official calendar date for Mother’s Day. The holiday first was celebrated in 1908 by a woman who had recently lost her mother and wanted a day to celebrate mothers while they were still living. Although it was celebrated annually after 1908, the U.S. Government didn’t officially recognize Mother’s Day as an American holiday until 1914. Unfortunately, although it is a holiday, most mothers don’t get a paid day off work for the day.

Because there is a specific date to appreciate her, did children stop showing her the appreciation every day? Obviously children will spend more time on that specific Sunday thanking their mothers, but what about the rest of the year? Are there less random acts of kindness towards mothers now that there’s a holiday? Unfortunately, few people alive now were alive prior to the invention of Mother’s Day, so there’s no one to ask.

Mothers all around the world have special days in which they’re celebrated. Most countries, like Mexico, Ireland, the UK, and Canada, celebrate in a similar fashion as Americans – buying their moms cards and flowers. Special traditions exist in other countries as well; French mothers are gifted a cake made to look like a bouquet of flowers.

No matter where you are from, where you currently reside, or where you plan to go, you should somehow celebrate what your mother has done for you. Consider buying a card, flowers, or even a small gift for your mom. If you don’t have money, make her a homemade dinner!





Don’t forget to hug your mom and tell her you love her every day.