BOE Approves Hybrid for Semester Two


Harvard Newsroom

An example of a working hybrid classroom.

Sophia Lamarre, Writer

It was announced on November 11, 2020 during the Board of Education’s meeting that hybrid learning will begin at the start of the second semester, January 28, 2021.  Lots of people within  the FCPS community, including parents, teachers, and students, have different opinions on this announcement.  In the announcement, it was decided that contact sports will also begin in December. 


Different members of the Oakdale community have different opinions and perspectives about the announcement of hybrid learning. Sophomore Johann Myles, shared, “I am excited about hybrid learning because I think it will open up opportunities to see fellow classmates.” 


While many of the students are excited about the possibility of hybrid learning come second semester, some students are enjoying the virtual learning experience. Unlike Myles, Kayla Hook, another sophomore, expressed, “I’m not excited because I didn’t want it to happen. I like virtual school better because we have more independence and freedom.”


The Board made it very clear in the announcement that parents will have the option to keep their student(s) enrolled in virtual learning. Olivia Tehaan, a sophomore, was asked how many students she thought would attend hybrid learning next semester: “I would say at least 65% because I think a lot of people want to get back into the building, but I also think that there will be a lot of people nervous about going back due to COVID.”  


Tehann had earlier expressed that she would attend hybrid learning when it happens in January along with Hook. Unlike Tehaan and Hook, Myles expressed,, “I think I will not participate in the in-person part of hybrid learning due to health conditions and family preference.”  


With the new possibility of hybrid learning there will be many concerns for different students and parents if they choose to return to school; however, many students will be anxious to return to in-person classes. 


Due to this new update on learning during the pandemic there are some people that aren’t as hopeful with the way things are going now.  Michael Thompson, a teacher at Oakdale, expressed when asked if he thought hybrid learning would occur on the scheduled start date, “Some day. On the scheduled start day they have now, no. Could it happen by fourth term? Maybe. Possibly by next fall.” After the updates with COVID numbers and the newly developed spike all students and staff can do is hope.