Boys Basketball During a Pandemic

Rhiannon Evans, Editor-In-Cheif

Many students have to deal with an unfamiliar new normal.  With online classes,  being unable to see their friends as well as formally meeting their teachers, one thing most student athletes have been looking forward to is the sport season.  While the season is shortened to a 6 week schedule, it still allows for players to be able get a sense of stability. 

FCPS, as well as the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association, MPSSAA, have been working hard to set new rules to allow for high school sports to run.  With some sports, like golf it is much easier to social distance than contact sports like basketball and wrestling.  One question everyone has though, is how can a contact sport happen when everyone is supposed to stay 6 feet apart?

Luckily the team does not need to be split up in order to practice, however the school is very strict  when one team is using the gym, and what time they need to be out by.  This is in order to reduce contact between people. 

Another change is that masks must be worn at all times when inside the building, this includes when practicing.  Sophomore Rhys Evans commented that they “mainly just do shooting drills, and occasionally defense too”. 

To add on, Sophomore Cole Iapicca stated, “it’s not really competitive and it’s hard to get better as a team and individually.”

The biggest hindrance for the team is that they can’t scrimmage.  This makes it difficult for the athletes to learn the plays, and know where they need to be on the court.  This also makes it hard for them to work cohesively when it comes time to play against other teams.

As hopeful as everyone is, there are still a lot of unknowns about the season.  First and foremost being, will fans be allowed at the games? Evans said, “I am not sure, but if they can it will probably be limited.”  

The idea has been thrown around that schools could stream games if fans can’t attend in person.  This would also allow for family members and other fans who are unable to attend the games in person to watch.  

As of January 3rd, 2021 FCPS has suspended all winter sports leaving everyone in limbo.  However, this isn’t leaving people in shock as most people went into the season knowing there was a chance that the season might get cancelled. Iapicca was optimistic saying, “we could still have a season, and I hope we do.”