Bringing Farm Fun to Lake Linganore


As school comes to a close on June 8, Oakdale Bears can look forward to the Lake Linganore Farmer’s Market opening at 4 p.m. on Coldstream Drive. Through a variety of assortments, food, and live music, this market is sure to hold an attraction for everyone.


Farmer’s markets are assemblies of local farmers and their representatives, where they sell the food and goods they produce directly to consumers. Shoppers receive the freshest food available, and the farmers receive more of the money paid by customers after cutting out the middleman. What the markets sell varies by location and season, also allowing for the freshest products to be sold in each individual community.


At the Lake Linganore Farmer’s Market in particular, a diverse range of local vendors join together to present their goods. In terms of food, businesses such as Pleasant Hill Produce, Seed of Life Nurseries, and Raw Bliss provide fresh farm produce, such as eggs and vegetables, that are full of nutrients. Sift Baking Co., Patty Cakes Mobile, and Stone Hearth Bakery can satisfy a sweet tooth through homemade pastries, cupcakes, cookies, and much more.


“Farmer’s markets are a great opportunity for local artisans to promote their businesses, and for people to get the highest quality food,” stated Junior Emma Borgsmiller.


If one happens to be looking for a unique gift, a trip to the farmer’s market would be worth their time. Allen’s Apiary, a local beekeeper, offers honey, candles, and soap bars. The carefully handcrafted jewelry provided by Soular Fragments, Wire Jewelry Creations, JaKaL Designs, and Elemental Findings, can take the form of anything from crystals to flower headpieces. For home decor, Leisure Paintings offers framed oil paintings, and YC Woodworks has the finest woodwork items. To accompany these gifts, Of the Flower and Metzler’s Flowers present fresh bouquets of a variety of flowers.


However, make no mistake in believing this farmer’s market simply provides material goods, as a variety of services are offered too. To relieve any tension from the school year, Healing Hands offers seated massages. Face Painting by Vicki provides henna art, temporary tattoos, and face painting for both children and adults. If one is feeling curious about what their future could entail, they must look no further than Toni McCannon’s tarot card readings, chair reiki, and birth card calculations. In addition, a local band often plays through the afternoon, at no expense to the attendee.


As Junior Cosette Thompson expressed, “Farmer’s markets are the best type of markets because they almost always have fresh corn on the cob.”


Be sure to grab a blanket and enjoy the afternoon at the Lake Linganore Farmer’s Market each Thursday from 4-7 p.m. next to the Coldstream Pool, running June through August!


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